Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock #2

Written By: Jay Fosgitt

Artist: Jay Fosgitt

Colorist: Joana LaFuente

Lettering By: Mike Fiorentino

Cover by: Jay Fosgitt

Published By: BOOM! Studios/Archaia




Oh, what nutty nostalgia. How I miss the zaniness of the pop culture of my youth. Fraggle Rock was always so much fun and this current story plunges me right back into the wacky world I used to know and love. It’s like the years between never happened.

Our favorite creatures of the tufted tails are preparing for the Splish-Splash Friend Bash, hoping to make friends with new Fraggles. Gobo finds a group of bully Fraggles and it’s up to Red, Wembley, and Mokey to turn their mean behavior around.


This series is actually a set of separate stories with different storyteller-artists. The first issue featured lovely watercolors, and for this second one, Jay Fosgitt has drawn the beloved characters in exaggerated cartoon fashion. They look closer to ducks than Fraggles in this issue, but I enjoyed the art; it was very expressive and lots of fun. I wasn’t sure if the cover image really fit this story, but it was still really cool.


All of our main buddies were well-characterized, with each displaying their unique traits. There was a lot of dialogue for a Fraggle book, some of which worked and some of which seemed a little redundant, and a little too preachy for my liking. However, the essence of the original series was captured nicely, even though I missed the songs (that appear in other Fraggle comics) and the rhymes of the narration. One of my favorite elements of the series when I was a child was the postcards from Gobo’s Uncle Traveling Matt, and I was delighted to see this in the pages, even if the text was way too long for a postcard.

Amusing and energetic, this comic has me tuned in to my inner child and I could not be more tickled, or more inspired to go draw some cartoons of my own.

Overall: 7.5/10


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