It’s Not Yet Dark Review

It’s Not Yet Dark Review

Starring: Colin Farrell as The Narrator

Director: Frankie Fenton

Release Date: 13th October 2017


It’s Not Yet Dark’ tells the very moving story of Simon Fitzmaurice. An extremely gifted film maker, he was a very creative child. The film tells the story of his life and journey through it. He met his wife, Ruth and they were soon married. He got really involved in his film making and one year, while at the Sundance Film Festival in America, he starts having pain in one of his feet. He thinks nothing of it, but decides to see a doctor just to be safe. After a check-up, he gets the results and they shock him and Ruth to their very core. He is told that he is suffering from MND; Motor Neurone Disease. The diagnosis shatters them and their family. We are shown a lot more about Simon’s world and how he copes with day to day life. At the heart of the film is the fact that he is an extremely gifted film maker, and he doesn’t let his condition hold him back.

Motor Neurone Disease reveals itself in people in many different ways. It is a progressive neurological condition that affects the nerves/ motor neurones in the brain and in the spinal cord. The messages from the brain stop reaching the muscles in the body and this ultimately leads to them wasting away. It can appear as a weakening of the muscles in the hands, stiffness in the legs and sometimes the tongue can be affected as well, slurring the person’s speech. Sadly, the average life expectancy for someone with the condition is only three to five years though some sufferers have lived longer.

A really beautiful and touching film, it’s like you’re being taken on a journey with this very close-knit family. Simon is a real shining example of what it is to be human and gives us the briefest insight into his remarkable life.

I really enjoyed ‘It’s Not Yet Dark’ and it’s a breath of fresh air to see something so ‘real’. Whilst the story is heart breaking in places, it also tells us a lot about the human spirit and what you can achieve when you are determined and set your mind to something.

Prepare yourself to possibly feel some things you might never have felt before and also to have your eyes opened. Filmed as a documentary, all of the people in the film are real. Go and see ‘It’s Not Yet Dark’ for something thought provoking and not set on some far off planet.

Overall: 8/10



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