Isola #5 Review

Written By: Brenden Fletcher/Karl Kerschl

Artist: Karl Kerschl/Msassyk

Lettering By: Aditya Bidikar

Cover by: Karl Kerschl

Published By: Image Comics


Every time I open the issues of Isola I am transported to a breathtaking world and plopped into a heartbreaking story. Reading these books is such an ethereal experience; it feels like I’m a spirited speck of light, a wisp, floating from panel to panel, witnessing the fantastical magic of a fascinating flock of characters. It’s enchanting.


The art is consistently stunning. I feel like I’ve raved about it in all the other reviews, so I won’t keep on about it except to say that it is one of the most beautiful comics I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. The colors in this particular issue are just as dreamy, transitioning from warm to cool as the scenes change. It’s a ravishing journey to travel through visually, and that’s just one of the strengths of Isola.

Plotwise, this book sets you on a path that you’ve probably never quite been on before. An engrossing story, I am one reader that’s utterly sucked in. I love the dialogue, and the sound effects marked by unfamiliar ‘letters’ or elements. You don’t have to understand the language to feel and see the pure emotions being conveyed. This experiment with sounds is unique, and could have been risky, but it’s achieved all it set out to do and more.


Olwyn and Rook are intriguing three dimensional characters, whose relationship is fascinating and relatable. There’s just not many more compliments I can give this comic book, but it deserves them all. I’m delighted for something so fresh and refreshing, especially in the fantasy genre. The fifth issue in this new series marks the end of the first chapter and thankfully, more Isola is promised in January 19th. I only hope I can last that long.

Overall: 10/10


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