Is The Order A Rabbit?? Season Two Review

Created by: Koi

Directed by: Hiroyuki Hashimoto

Studio: White Fox, Kinema Citrus

Audio: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Format: BluRay

Certification: 12 (BBFC)

Licensed by: MVM Entertainment

Release date: Out now

It’s time to return to Rabbit House café, for another delightful cup of coffee and a catch up with our favorite baristas. Time sure is flying by, as a full year has almost passed since Cocoa transferred to this delightful town. Chino has begun to open up more to her new friends, much to Cocoas’ delight as she continues to play the self appointed role of ‘Big Sister’. They go on a number of adventures this season, including investigating what is haunting Sharo’s house, taking up ballet and helping Chino and her school friends come up with a dance routine for an arts festival. Cocoa’s older sister comes to visit and the young girls go on a mountain trip, to stay the night in Rize’s family cabin. There is plenty of fun, mischief and caffeine in this second season of Is The Order A Rabbit??

This is such a wholesome anime, that is just a group of girls who help run local cafés and who just so happen to be friends. It’s been about five months since my last review on this series with season one and I am delighted to be returning back to this show again. It reminds me a good bit of K-On, just minus the music element to the show. The same familiar faces return with their bubbly attitudes, their friendships seem to have grown and there is now a lovely connection between the older and younger girls in the show as both groups do hang out with one another. This is of course down to Chino being a key member of both friend groups. We also see the return of Tippy, also known as the rabbit that Chino’s grandfather possessed. Although we have yet to discover just how on Earth this happened?!

Not only do we see some growth in this series from our characters, but also some of the fears and insecurities they have. For instance, Cocoa was always trying to imitate her older sister Mocha, due to Cocoa being the youngest within her family. Although delighted to see her sister again, for the first time in twelve months. Cocoa is incredibly nervous as to how Mocha will react to how she has been doing as a ‘big sister’ and is also afraid that Mocha will take over her role within the group. Then we have Chino, she has never been outside of her town before, let alone without her family. So the trip with her friends to the mountains was a first for the girl as she battled against the fear she had of leaving her familiar surroundings. There is also a pivotal scene in that particular episode between Cocoa and Chino, but I don’t want to spoil it. Rize is still our combat ready expert, but has even come forth with trying to appear a bit more feminine in a certain episode where they all dress up as house maids. This is definitely one of those wholesome slice of life shows, despite the possessed rabbit.

Studio White Fox returns once again to produce Season two of this series, having already made a name for themselves with shows including Steins: Gate, The Devil is a Part-Timer and Goblin Slayer. However they are joined for Season Two by Studio Kinema Citrus, who have produced Made in Abyss, Revue Starlight, The Rising of the Shield Hero and the episode The Village Bride as part of the Star Wars Visions series. The animation for season two maintains the same crisp quality as the season before, with the characters bright eyes and energetic over reactions.

Bonus features include:

  • Clean opening & closing
  • Trailers

Is The Order a Rabbit?? (Gochúmon wa Usagi Desu ka?) first appeared as a manga series back in 2011, by a mangaka known as Koi. The first season of this show was released back in 2014, with Season Two having a quick turnaround being released the following year. It has been a bit of a long wait, but Season Three was released in 2020 so fingers crossed we will be getting a physical release over here shortly.

For now you can purchase Season Two of ‘Is The Order a Rabbit??’, from the wonderful folks over at MVM Entertainment.

Overall: 7/10

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