Is The Order A Rabbit? – Complete Season One Review

Created By: Koi

Directed By: Hiroyuki Hashimoto

Studio: White Fox

Audio: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Episode Count: Complete Season One (eps 1-12)

Format: BluRay

Age Rating: 12 (BBFC)

Licensed By: MVM Entertainment

Release Date: 13th September 2021

Cocoa has just arrived in a brand new town in order to attend one of the local high schools. Having lost her way whilst looking for her lodgings, she comes across a quaint little café known as Rabbit House. Not only does she discover the shop’s fluffy mascot Tippy, she also accidentally found her new home, part-time job and newly appointed ‘little sister’ Chino. Cocoa quickly adapts to working life and soon becomes close with her co-workers Chino, the owners grand-daughter and Rize, a teenage girl with expert military training. There are certainly some mysteries that need to be solved here in Rabbit House, but all of that can wait until you sit down and enjoy your freshly brewed latte-art coffee.

Now who doesn’t enjoy a bit of ‘slice of life’ anime every now and then?! ‘Is The Order A Rabbit?’ is a bit of an odd title, it certainly doesn’t scream ‘watch me’ from the shelf. However this show is already on its third season, which I don’t know if it fully deserves it given what we saw in Season One. In which Cocoa moves to a new European style town just to attend a high school. With no indication as to why this particular school or in fact what her family situation may be. Throughout all of season one, she never once seemed to contact them. So her origins actually remain a complete mystery. Then we have Tippy, yes the rabbit mascot of the coffee house. Now Tippy doesn’t even really resemble a rabbit to say the least, but he also is no ordinary furball. Which Chino is very much aware of. Hopefully this family secret will become known to everyone later down the line.

Then we have Rize, the expert marksman. Who carries a ‘model gun’ and knife with her at all times – even into work. Which I am almost certain must be illegal, at least for her age! As to why this is included in the plot, I have absolutely zero idea yet again. Yet it gives an edginess to her character, one that is completely turned upside down when she goes on a solo shopping spree. We then have a number of other female characters that join the cast, with a younger student from Rize’s school and the daughter of a rival coffee house joining the gang. Not to mention Chino introducing us to her two middle school best friends, who somehow can communicate with each other telepathically? More on them in Season Two I guess.

Bonus Features Include:

Clean opening & closing


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‘Is The Order a Rabbit?’, also originally known as ‘Gochúmon wa Usagi Desu Ka?’ was first published back in 2011 by Koi. It is still ongoing today with nine volumes currently available, all being published in English by Sol Press. It was later adapted into this anime series in 2014 by White Fox, a studio best known for producing ‘Steins:Gate’, ‘Re: Zero’ and ‘Goblin Slayer’. The show now stands at three seasons, a film and an OVA, as well as a PlayStation Vita game that came out in 2016 under the name – ‘Is The Order A Rabbit?? Wonderful Party!’

‘Is The Order A Rabbit?’ has several moments in just Season one that will make your heart melt. From holiday episodes, to certain character developments, to even seeing just how much Cocoa has had such an impact on the once incredibly shy Chino. Although it still feels like the plot is just missing something to make it more memorable, perhaps Season Two will bring us just that. And there isn’t long to wait either, as ‘Is The Order a Rabbit??’ Season Two will be available from MVM Entertainment from the 11th October.

Overall: 7/10

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