Ironsmith Studios Presents Fused

Ironsmith Studios presents Fused, a first person puzzle-platformer set in a cyber-world which has been ravaged by a mysterious catastrophic shock to the system.

The world of Fused takes place is inside a computer network owned by ‘Skystar Systems’, the world’s largest computer manufacturing company. Here the player must restore each level back to a working order and find out what caused the incident that brought the network to its knees.

Fused is set within a cyber-world which takes the player through multiple levels, passing through barriers, traps (short circuits) and fixing puzzles using a three colour system that have different abilities. Red allows the player to phase through barriers, green is to use launch pads and blue is to use speed boosts. The player spawns the fuses, picks them up and places them in the correct fuse boxes to restore power.

The levels are designed to be linear pathways, like a circuit board that leads information on pathways to different areas. These pathways are visually stunning by using emissive lighting and colourful particles which takes inspiration from Disney’s Tron films.

Fused takes the player into a virtual world set inside the Skystar Systems, sophisticated software architecture that Skystar use to operate their business and the virtual world in which people all around the world use to interact with each other. The player takes control of NF-01(who calls himself Nigel) a polite Nano-byte that’s been activated to fix all the blown fuses throughout the system levels that have been damaged by a huge overload by an unknown source. As the player progresses through the levels, they will find spawned data files which can be picked up and read. Each file obtained details fragged information that over time becomes clear to who and what has caused the attack; also revealing more about the system itself. As the player travels through each level, they will need to overcome puzzles that can require the player to use memory, quick reactions and skill to overcome.


What is Unique about Fused?

  • Fused is created with Unreal 4 engine, which gives great visuals, especially with emissive lighting. The world has bright colours and shapes which stand out against many other games that are easily recognisable and great fun for all sci-fi fans.
  • The player will have the option to use a VR headset to look around the levels and take in its great neon visuals.
  • The game is designed for players of all ages, allowing a wide range of players to dive into the world.
  • Fused has the ability to move onto console, such as Xbox and Playstation.
  • NF-01 is alive with a voice actor who talks directly to the player, given directions and other updated information to help them complete each level.

Who’s making Fused?
Fused is currently being created by a Indie developer, Ironsmith Studios currently comprising of one guy, but looking to expand the team very soon. Fused started out as a Master’s project within the University of South Wales, which has progressed beyond the student project stage to a product that looks to be released in Q2 2019.

What’s beyond Fused?
Fused is the first game within a planned trilogy of games set in the Skystar Systems Universe, where the second is a 2D side scroll shooter which takes place in an Arcade in the 1980s. This will follow up with a third game which will be full VR focused, set not in the fused cyber-world but the world in which Fused controls, the Skystar Systems.



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