Invader Comics Announces the Collected Edition of Neurocron


William Gibson meets Philip K. Dick in a dystopian future built on biotech.

LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2024 – From the mind of Emmy and Peabody Award-winning writer, Daniel Powell (Ugly Americans, Life & Beth) and co-writer Erin Foley-Chan – along with fan-favorite artist, Dennis Calero (Spider-Man Noir, Assassin’s Creed, X-Factor) and letterer, Dezi Sienty – comes Neurocron, a sci-fi noir thriller which melds the flashy neon world of Blade Runner with the seedy underbelly of Cyberpunk 2077 to create something instantly recognisable yet thoroughly new.


What starts as a seemingly random murder in the area known as the Techslum, turns out to be much more than it appears, when the corpse is discovered to be enhanced with illegal biotech. As investigating FBI agent Vera Morales uncovers the victim’s connection to a reclusive techno-cultist, she becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that could very well change the course of human evolution. With all the clues pointing to a leading weapons developer, can Vera find him and solve the mystery before humanity as we know it passes the point of no return?


“As soon as Neurocron came across my desk, I knew it was something we had to publish,” says Invader Comics editor-in-chief, Michael Perkins. “We’re always on the look-out for fresh, new and exciting approaches to comics – and Daniel’s concept immediately grabbed me, leaving me hungry for more. Seeing the way Erin, Dennis and Dezi brought the story to life only sealed the deal for me – and it seems, based on people’s reaction to the single issues, that I’m not the only one.”


Drawing inspiration from the rich worlds of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and other cyberpunk geniuses, Neurocron blew up on the shelves when it was first released earlier this year. Now, Invader Comics are collecting the entire series into one sleek edition, which is available digitally or as a limited edition print version featuring a brand new cover designed by Mike Nelsen, based on Calero’s interior art.


“I love the cyberpunk sensibility of this book, and the way it twists and turns throughout,” adds Perkins. “This is a perfect representation of what Invader Comics is all about – and the kind of creativity we like to showcase – even though it’s like nothing else in our catalogue. It’s our hope that people will be able to recognise and appreciate an Invader book immediately – not because it’s from a particular genre, or the same group of creators, but because there’s a seal of quality implied by our logo on the cover. Neurocron deserves that badge and then some, so it’s an honor to add it to the range. All sci-fi/cyberpunk enthusiasts NEED to check it out!”

You can pledge your support for the Neurocron collected edition here:


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