Instant Family Review

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Isabela Moner, Gustavo Quiroz, Julianna Gamiz, Octavia Spencer, Tig Notaro, Tom Segura, Margo Martindale

Director: Sean Anders

Release date: 14th February 2019


Pete Wagner (Mark Wahlberg) and his wife Ellie (Rose Byrne) are very happily married. One thing is missing from their lives, and that is children. They go to an adoption agency, and during a ‘meet and greet’ day they meet a young teenager called Lizzie (Isabela Moner) She is a bit apprehensive at first and they are soon informed that Lizzie has two younger siblings; a brother named Juan and a sister named Lita. After thinking things through, the couple decide not to adopt. During a Thanksgiving Day dinner with their family, some new decisions are made. They decide to give things a go but things are definitely not what they imagined.. Many trying and frustrating incidents will test them to their absolute limits. Can they become the parents that the kids ultimately deserve?


The movie is based on the true experiences of the director, Sean Anders and his wife, Beth, after they decided to adopt three children out of the foster system. In 2012, after doing all their homework and finding out what would be involved, they ended up adopting three siblings; age six, three and 18 months.

‘Instant Family’ is a story of the struggles, heartaches and rewards of adopting children out of the foster system, that may not have had the best starts in their lives. It could be through neglect, or substance abuse but at the end of the day, the kids all deserve the love and attention of a proper family unit. It’s all about finding a connection and the right match.


A really great story about a family and the hurdles that they must get over, with regards to adoption, ‘Instant Family’ is a feel good movie that reflects peoples real life struggles and ultimate happiness.

Definitely not a blockbuster, by any means, it’s definitely one to take your hankies to. There’s a lot of heart in this film, so definitely give it a watch.

Overall: 8/10

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