Injection # 11 Review

Written by: Warren Ellis

Art by: Declan Shalvey

Colors by: Jordie Bellaire

Lettering & Design: Fonografiks

Publisher: Image Comics


When an expedition to a standing stone monument in Cornwall uncovers recently flayed bodies, Hacker, Engineer and Informatics Specialist, Brigid Roth is called in to uncover the truth beneath it all.


Despite feeling like I’m repeating myself, it is safe to say that fans of Warren Ellis will be very pleased with this start to Injection’s third story arc. Once again the story focuses in on one of the former CCCP and this time the spotlight is on Brigid. As usual this is expertly handled, we see glimpses of her life now as well as just after her time with the Injection Project and this hints at more secrets she holds. This all gives us a more complete picture of the character. Much like Brigid herself, the dialogue is blunt and dry yet there are more heightened comedy touches can be found in the background. Mostly opening act setup here, but of the most interesting kind that will leave fans intrigued all the way to next month’s issue.


Repeating myself yet again, Shalvey and Bellaire remain one of the industry‚Äôs most solid and talented art teams. Declan Shalvey creates panels like master cinematographer would storyboard only in concept art detail. We get the scene and only when the story needs our focus or for a reveal are we brought to it. This is skill all artists need in comics yet few do it better than Shalvey. His backgrounds are wonderfully detailed yet he also knows when leave it blank (or all but) to intensify the emotion or action in the foreground. Jordie Bellaire’s colours are in tune with her collaborators art, dictating mood, texture, lighting and focus, strengthening the storytelling to the next degree.


This is a masterful start in both story and visuals. Full of dry wit and mystery, this book will leave readers in suspense for this new storyline.

Overall: 8.5/10


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