Incredibles 2 Review

Starring voices of: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Catherine Keener, Eli Fucile, Bob Odenkirk, Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Bird

Director: Brad Bird

Release date: 13th July 2018


Super heroes are now illegal and most are living quiet lives. Crime is still rife though, and an evil mole does a daring bank robbery using a huge drill, which he uses to burrow under the city. The Parr family are living in a motel and are begrudgingly having to adapt to normal lives but unfortunately get arrested when they try to apprehend the Underminer. A local businessman, Winston Devour, together with his sister, Evelyn, wants to try and bring back Super Heroes, and make them popular again… Elastigirl is initially chosen to step up when a new hover train goes out of control and Bob/ Mr Incredible is feeling a tiny bit left out and also there’s the fact that he’s having to be a stay at home dad. A new and dangerous villain called Screen Slaver has appeared on the scene. Can they be stopped before they destroy everything?


The first Incredibles movie was released back in 2004, and was a huge success. Rumours of a second movie have been circulating for years now and I don’t think anyone actually thought it would ever happen. Set not long after the first movie, baby Jack is still in nappies and his powers haven’t yet fully revealed themselves. The other two kids, Dash and Violet are frustrated about having to keep their powers hidden and want to be back out doing what they are best at.

You always know that when you’re going to watch a Pixar animation, you’re going to see something special. It’s almost like a seal of quality, having the Pixar name attached. Stories with suspense and heart, most of them have become animation classics. With a run time of 125m, Incredibles 2 is long enough, but the kids will be kept entertained for the whole time. With a lot of these movies, they are seen as ‘kids films’ but that really isn’t the case. There’s always something for the grown-ups too. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to take my niece and nephews along to see it. There are not really that many movies these days that you can go to as a family and have everyone enjoy the full experience.


Make sure you get there early enough to see the new Pixar short, called ‘Bao’ before the movie. Most times, the Shorts are just as good as the main event and this one doesn’t disappoint. It might even leave you feeling a bit teary by the end…


All in all, Incredibles 2 is just as good as you expect it to be and was worth the long wait we endured. I expect it to do great things in the cinema box office ratings and to become as big as its predecessor.

If you’re looking for a fun and suspenseful movie that you can got to as a family over the summer holidays, make sure you go and see Incredibles 2. Kids both old and young are gonna love it.

Overall: 8.5/10


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