imPURRfect Now Live on Kickstarter

Sidney Davidson pens a wry and emotionally resonant comic that challenges notions of power, money, and a sense of of well-being—all wrapped up in an Adult Swim sensibility

SEP. 19, 2023, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Power imbalances and counterproductive fantasies, cats, work, relationships, and indestructible, fire-breathing beasts… the father of famed internet kitty, Fat Laila, has a story to tell. 

Announcing sci-fi/adventure series, imPURRfect, with story and art by Sidney Davidson, now live on Kickstarter!  
Bruno idolizes his owner Josiah, and the peaceful, playful life that they have indoors. Tired of being cooped up, Josiah persuades Bruno to go on a walk where they cross paths with one of many beasts roaming the streets, “Fat Laila.” Traumatized by the encounter, Josiah turns to the notion that hard work and money will help them move and be safe, obsessing over motivational videos by an entrepreneur/influencer named King CEO, leaving Bruno to his own devices, which forever changes their relationship.

Sidney Davidson spoke of the project:

“In the past, I faced emotional issues and made regrettable choices. While mainstream trauma perspectives offered some insight, I still had to develop tools to heal and transform myself. With imPURRfect, I wanted to explore the contradictions that we all encounter, and the inadequate myths we cling to in an attempt to cope. I hope that this story can offer something more substantial in their place. It presents these ideas in a fun, creative way that is inviting for all to enjoy.”

It’s Winnie the Pooh meets Rick & Morty, creating a unique reading atmosphere through intricate line work and rich colors, for fans of Geof Darrow alike. Consulting editor Fabrice Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir), edited by Kevin Burkhalter (Kevin Days a Week); flattened by Thiago Aguiar. For more information about the series, check out the imPURRfect website.

 The campaign for imPURRfect ends Nov. 3rd. 

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