Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King – Announcement Trailer

Giant Space Monster announced Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King – an original dark fantasy RPG dungeon-crawler for PC/Steam.

In a world almost entirely consumed by the curse of vampirism, a last desperate battle raged. And in the final hour, when the last light of hope guttered and threatened to fail, a hero out of legend known only as Shade appeared like lightning from a clear sky.  Humanity survived, but the price was high, for Shade had been bitten.  Slowly but inevitably, Shade would be transformed, unless the progenitor of the blood line, a creature called the Pale King, was destroyed first.  At last, in a dank, foetid, ancient ruin from a people long forgotten, Shade has located the lair of the Pale King of the Vampyr.  It is a war for the future of the world, but the fight is now personal.

Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King 8

Help guide Shade through a dungeon crawling platform game straight out of your nightmares in Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King.

“This is the game we have always wanted to make,” said Damon DuBois, Creative Lead on the project. In many ways it is a love letter to all the great RPGs we have played over the last few decades, whether on a game system or a tabletop.” Chris Shrigley, Technical Lead and Producer for the project added, We wanted the game to be a throwback to the traditional, single player games of the past, and to capture as much of the heart and soul of the classic dungeon crawling experience, as possible.

Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King 11

Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King is a dark fantasy RPG dungeon crawler, with challenging real-time tactical combat, a wide variety of spells, and a dark and brooding dungeon full of lethal enemies, sadistic traps, and mind-bending puzzles. You are Shade, an ancient and legendary vampire hunter, who has been bitten, and now struggles against the vampiric curse. You must fight your way through a twisted labyrinth of horror and death to finally face the Pale King, lord of all Vampires, before succumbing to the vampiric curse yourself.



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