Ignis – Gameplay Teaser

Move over, battle arena games, there’s a new wizard in town. Ignis’ duels are shorter, faster and more intense than you have ever seen.

As a wizard dueling in the arena you must have superior, almost perfect multi-casting skills. While shooting with magical missiles, dodging and protecting yourself with a mystical shield, you must decide when to create chaos with a meteorite, summon a fire-spitting familiar or cast an area-of-effect spell or curse. All this while watching the spells’ cooldowns. Man, it’s fast!

Thanks to this game’s unique controls, you can flexibly determine the path of magical projectiles by using a mouse or a gamepad analog stick. If the opponent puts barriers in the arena, just go around them! Before the fight, you choose spells for your character or upgrade selected spells during the battle. So, in addition to skill, victory also depends on good tactics.

You can polish your mastery of magic in several variants of the single player mode, as well as in the local (split-screen) and online (ranked!) multiplayer modes.


Ignis will be released in Q4 of 2018. Players can already add it to their Steam wishlist: http://store.steampowered.com/app/766930/Ignis.

Innovative spell-casting mechanics and about 50 upgradable spells
Short, intense ranked duels
6 playable characters with different spells and passive skills
8 summonable familiars

About Fat Dog Games
Fat Dog Games is a game publisher based in Poland. A former mobile game developing company in the market since 2014, FDG now publishes games in international markets on Steam, mobile platforms, VR and others.

About Deusald Studio
Established in Cracow, Poland in 2016, this young development team is the initiative of three computer game enthusiasts: programmer, manager and graphic designer. Deusald Studio has since grown to seven talented people.  

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