HyperParasite Review

Developer: Troglobytes Games

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5 (Reviewed), Switch, Xbox One

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Hound Picked Games


HyperParasite is an old-school top-down twin-stick shooter rogue-like that is thematically tied to the 80s from the neon game sign to the movie character references, music and gameplay. It has that dystopian 1980s film feel to it.


You are a parasite that is battling through reams of enemies, you can take over host bodies in the game. The parasite is reminiscent of venom. Hosts are an array of enemies you encounter. The parasite has very little defensive capabilities, i.e. usually on hit causes death. Hosts have a varying level of health and unique abilities – ranged or close combat. The name of the game is to capture a host and battle through the levels. You will encounter a midway boss and end boss level after you die a ton of times. You can upgrade the host, buy upgrades and gain new hosts throughout the game.


HyperParasite does suffer from being quite difficult. The game is tough and you will find it to be a slog at times. Replaying same regenerated levels over and over to gain in-game cash. This in-game cash allows you to take over new hosts. This can be quite time consuming and frustrating. While this is fun when you start dying and gain very little in-game cash to buy new hosts, it can become a hard slog. The difficulty curve is steep but persistence is required.

The has a fitting 80s theme track by Van Reeves and Joe Kataldo, it fits the theme of the game perfectly. The game has a sense of humour, the visuals and the cultural references to 80s are all done well. It’s a super slick game from presentation to gameplay. The game supports local two-player co-op mode too.


The game despite its difficulty is super fun, however, at times you may find it a slog. It’s a tough game. The novelty of taking control of the host mechanic is fun. Rogue-like elements also add to randomness and fun too. Soundtrack and visuals are in tune with the 80s retro feel too. I have to say I’ll be playing this for a while.

Overall: 7/10




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