How We Stay Sane @ Work Volume 2 – Kickstarter

How We Stay Sane @ Work Volume 2 – Kickstarter

68-page book of side-splitting true stories with rewards like custom metal name plaques.

We’ve all had bad jobs. Stuffing envelopes, cleaning toilets, catering to arrogant customers… The goal of HOW WE STAY SANE @ WORK is to collect work stories from all over the web so we can laugh at them instead of cry.

Inspired by sites like Not Always Right and Clients From Hell, HOW WE STAY SANE @ WORK takes reader-submitted workplace stories and illustrates them in a full-color newspaper strip format. The webcomic was first published online in 2013, and successfully Kickstarted its first volume in 2015. This latest crowdfunding campaign seeks to publish not only the final 50 strips, but all the guest comics received along the way. Some of the 14 guest artists include: Andy Purviance (I, Mummy), Neil Kapit (We Are The Wyrecats), and Tantz Aerine (Without Moonlight).

How We Stay Sane @ Work Volume 2 2

Traditional webcomic crowdfunding rewards like digital sketches and original pages appear alongside more esoteric ones like personalized plastic name badges and desktop calendars. “The funnest part of these Kickstarters has been finding truly executive rewards for you all,” creator Sara Rude-McCune confesses in the campaign video. Donators to the previous campaign’s “Executive” level received brushed metal name badges. This time Executives are treated to a laser-cut aluminum desk plaque adorned with their fantasy job title of choice.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until August 11th, 2017. Donate at:

Sara Rude-McCune lives in Overland Park, KS with her husband and cat. She is best known for her colorist work on the series Zero’s Heroes and Science Hero, both from New Haven Comics. She enjoys illustrating dramatic lighting and weird expressions, of which HOW WE STAY SANE @ WORK has plenty.

HOW WE STAY SANE @ WORK can be read online in its entirety at:

Or on Tapastic at:

HOW WE STAY SANE @ WORK Vol. 1 books or PDFs can be purchased online at:






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