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With the release of Hotelitor: Luxury-Class Defense and Hospitality Unit from Graphic Universe tomorrow, Josh created an amazing playlist for the graphic novel that he sent along with commentary for us to share with our audience.

I put together a colossal playlist to listen to on loop while drawing Hotelitor, and this is a little curated best-of. The book’s a bit of a genre mashup, so it felt right that the playlist had the same vibe. If an artist I like had any vaguely sci-fi related work in their back catalogue, it was instantly in – MF Doom’s kaiju-themed King Gheeodrah persona makes an appearance, as does a track from Weezer’s abandoned space opera concept album. Other selections are based solely on a weird emotional logic that makes no real sense but seemed right to me at the time. Enjoy!

This spring, take a trip aboard the finest hospitality craft in hyperspace in HOTELITOR: Luxury-Class Defense and Hospitality Unit, a hilarious sci-fi satire by cartoonist Josh Hicks that invites readers to take a trip aboard Hotelitor: the finest hospitality craft in its colony, equipped with jet feet, a hyperspace engine, and single, double, and adjoining rooms. The fun, loud and light-hearted satire of late-stage capitalism will land in stores in this galaxy on May 7, 2024 from Graphic Universe™, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group.


When a giant alien attacks the ship, Hotelitor’s surviving guests and staff find themselves stranded in deep space, where 18-year-old intern Anna Greene must take charge. Alongside her fellow entry-level service workers, she’ll try to control the chaos while rival factions emerge, wealthy VIPs seize hotel resources, and the musician-in-residence develops a literal cult following. As Anna and her friends search for a way home, shocking discoveries about Hotelitor’s owners await them—that is, if another giant alien doesn’t smash the crew first. Welcome to the worst first job in the universe!

“Hotelitor is super influenced by classic mecha manga like Mazinger Z and tokusatsu media like Ultraman and Godzilla, but it’s also informed by my own history of bad temp jobs and student work placement debacles,” said creator Josh Hicks. “It’s a very silly book about a giant robot hotel, but it’s also essentially a power fantasy about low-level service workers getting to punch out their boss with a robot and redefining their relationship to labor by flying off into space. Basically, it’s high literature.”

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