Hollywood Trash TPB Review

Written By: Stephen Sonneveld

Illustrated By: Pablo Verdugo

Colorist: Jose Expósito

Lettering By: Justin Birch

Cover By: Pablo Verdugo

Published By: Mad Cave Studios


Two garbage men are about to have one hell of a day! As a murderous cult consisting of the entertainment industry’s elite, are out to kill them. James and Billy take a detour from their normal everyday route, when they come under attack by a biplane, try to control a wildfire, fight off a giant robot and wade their way through the sewers only to be set upon by a famous magician & their drag wearing alligator. And that isn’t the end of it either. They certainly need to have a sit down with their trade union after their shift ends – if they survive it?!


Well Mad Cave Studios has never failed to publish anything less that interesting. Now we have all known Hollywood to be the place where dreams come through and movies are being filmed left, right and centre! Movie stars reside in their big ass mansions in the Hills and normal folk still continue about their everyday lives. That includes our local garbage men, who have found themselves in a spot of bother when they unknowingly end up in the bad books of Hollywood’s most influential exec. With a cast of crazy individuals that make up the secretive Privy Council, some unrealistic chaos and many near death interactions.

All under the ‘control’ of the head of the Privy council – Papa. Also known as the elusive King of Hollywood ‘Mr. Grapevine’. A disillusioned individual, who dresses like Vincent Van Ghoul from Scooby Doo, who has blackmail on all of the important people in the city. The members of his council soon dwindled through some explosive endings, all of the individuals involved each had their own quirk. However the one character that stood out was Blah-Blah, also known as Talk-Show Queen Miss Opez. Man her backstory was tragic! Although ‘Papa’ set up her career and a marriage that secured her acceptance into the entertainment industry, she was just as driven as him and held so much resentment towards the man in the end. That arc alone was enough just to read this series. I’m unsure if there will be more issues, as this collected release is marked down as a Volume 1.


Hollywood Trash was created by Stephen Sonneveld, an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in Bleacher Report, MAD and ProWrestling Illustrated. Stephen currently writes and performs audio dramas for the Chicago-based radio program “The Don’t Call Me Sweetheart! Show”. While Pablo Verdugo is behind the illustrations, which captivated the crazy action that was taking place in every issue. He is also the creator behind webcomic – Cat Knight (https://tapas.io/episode/1661212). His work has also been published by IDW Publishing, ActionLab, Cloud9 Comics and Winter City Productions. With Mad Cave Studios handing this release. You can buy it online now through the link below, or in your local book store.

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Overall: 8/10

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