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14th December, Huddersfield, UK: In a world decimated by natural disasters and global conflict, now just a clutch of global Mega-Corps hold the strings of power, each one vying to bring their influence to bear in one continent or another.

But the battle between them is fought at arm’s length: firing their weapons in this never ending struggle are a band of mercenaries – or Hollowpoints – taking the cash and infiltrating their way through base after base, shaping the world around them with a mixture of stealth and sheer brute force. Welcome to the 23rd century. Welcome to the world of Hollowpoint.

First unveiled back at E3 in 2014, the development journey behind Hollowpoint has seen duties passed over from publisher Paradox Interactive to Yorkshire-based studio Red Kite Games, whom have now acquired the IP.

The co-op focused action epic – which takes an intuitive 2.5D view that adapts to your surroundings – will be Red Kite’s first in-house IP, with the studio having made its name helping on series such as Call of Duty, God of War, and DiRT, amongst others.


“For us, Hollowpoint represents the chance for the studio to make a big splash with its first IP,” offers Simon Iwaniszak, Managing Director at Red Kite Games. “Our intent is to combine expertly crafted combat and exploration fuelled by iconic weapons with a dystopian world stripped of all humanity. Fans of the original concept can be confident that we’ll be creating an exciting and action packed gameplay experience.”

Hollowpoint’s world is built around scores of procedurally generated levels, each one tied to a formula that, in the most intense missions, culminates with a frenzied boss battle.

Not only do the missions that you embark upon impact the power of the different Mega-Corps within this global struggle, but your style of attack and relative relationships with the different organisations can influence the types of assignments sent your way. It’s a dynamic world that can see you bolstering a CEO’s power base in one contract before taking them out under the auspices of a rival in the next.


“We’re really excited about Hollowpoint’s universe, and it’s one we can see shifting and changing as players embed themselves in the battle between the Mega-Corps,” says David Roberts, Creative Director at Red Kite Games. “There’s so much potential to do something really engaging with the IP. Hollowpoint’s dystopian view of the future may not be all too pleasant for those living it, but for players, we’re confident that the range of missions along with an ever-changing world will keep people captivated for some time to come.

Red Kite Games was founded in 2012, with Simon Iwaniszak having started his career at Rockstar Games where he brought his talent to the likes of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Red Dead Redemption, and L.A. Noire.

You can find out more at RedKiteGames.com


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