High on Life Review

Developer: Squanch Games, Inc.

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), Xbox Box One, Xbox Series X |S

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Squanch Games, Inc.


High on Life is an action-adventure comedic first-person shooter game. The game is based; in a science fiction world with all sorts of wacky elements. This game is; not suitable for children as there is a lot of explicit language and disturbing images. A game similar to High on Life would be Trevor Saves the Universe. The game was created by Justin Roiland and developed and published by Squanch Games. Justin Roiland is also a well-known voice actor; co-creator of the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty. This review of this game is based on the PC version.

High on Life is a single-player game involving an experience like no other. The story revolves around the main character’s planet being invaded by aliens. You receive a talking alien gun that warps you to a planet in space, where you start your journey to take down the G3 Cartel from turning your people into drugs. The talking alien gun assists you on your journey as the new bounty hunter of Blim. You take upon various G3 Cartel bosses and explore the vastness of space on your journey.


The controls to High on Life are relatively easy to work with. The keyboard and mouse binds are extremely easy to work with. You use the mouse as a gun shooter, and the keyboard has other controls such as walking, interaction, and scanner. What is nice about the controls for this game is that on your SuitOS, the controls are present on the bottom left of the screen. The comedic element of the dialogue makes it much better as the operating bot of the SuitOS itself says that he can not tell you the control to use as he does not know which device you are playing the game on. Overall the controls of the game are easy to play with, and with the rush of shooting enemies, dodging and using all sorts of manoeuvres; the control map is great at its default.

The art style of High on Life is much reminiscent of the show Rick and Morty. Except the game is a lot more vibrant and more; graphic with all the different elements in the game. The art style is a mix of both; quirky and zany which fits with the alien theme of the game. It also has some resemblance to; a comic-like, cartoony feel which is outdone. It seems like an animated show in itself, where you are the main character of it. Everything about the areas has such great detail put into them. The buildings of the main space city you are placed in have billboards, trash, and various components that all look realistic in a cartoonish way. In addition to the characters, the styles of the characters are so odd, but they are odd with their own unique; character. For instance, the head of the G3 Cartel looks like a blob and has a slimy texture to it. It honestly reminds me of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. Also, the personalities that the art style brings out in the characters are fascinating. Take the different guns that you equip throughout your journey, each one of them with their silly little designs from goofy eyes; to a big smile, all bringing out their personality of them. With the art style comes great sound effects and voice acting done by the voice actors.


The soundtrack of High on Life mainly consists of synth, electro beat music which has a futuristic feel to it. For instance, the music in the lobby is similar to synth-pop. Another interesting part of the soundtrack would be the battle music the battle; music is a great amped-up futuristic rhythm which indicates when there are enemies. It has such a satisfying pop sound to it. The sound effects for the different guns and each having its distinction adds; great variety to the game. With the music, the game comes with sound effects that are also so realistic. I love the pop eyeball sound when you use your knife on one of the one-eyeballed G3 aliens. The most outstanding part of this game, though, would have to be the voice acting. The voice acting of High on Life makes the game ten times much better, especially with the dialogues and script written for the characters. It’s a pile of jokes on jokes where either other characters are being insulted or; you are being insulted for pausing the game. Not just that but some of the characters have voice actors that I am very familiar with and add such personality to the game.


My opinion towards this game is; extremely positive. This game captures a real science fiction shooter with great comedy to it. I found playing this game for hours on end once I had started it. There is so much fun that comes from it, as you have the opportunity to carry on with the story but also can explore the open world. The game has so many little things that I loved, which adds great character to it. What I like is that besides the main story, there are these little shorts and animations throughout the gameplay. Like Gene is in your house, he starts watching this dinosaur, movie, or a channel called “Human TV”, and sometimes I find myself watching the TV with Gene rather than continuing with the story. I also enjoy the achievements you can get throughout the gameplay, some of the achievements; are too good not to get. This game is full of great fun and nothing but hilarious.

If; you want to play a game where you go around shooting a bunch of aliens with no ordinary guns; but rather talking guns that definitely can not keep their mouths shut. Then make your way as the new renowned bounty hunter and explore what space has to offer you. This game comes with a great storyline, amazing and out-of-this-world dialogue and nothing better than a great game design; that has a little bit of everything! If you want to indulge in endless shooting; and fun, then go check out High on Life!

Overall: 9/10



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