Heroes, Villains & Healing: Marvel Edition Announced


Heroes, Villains & Healing: Marvel Edition

A Guide for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Using Marvel Comic Superheroes, and Villains

–On-sale June 4, 2024–

Heroes, Villains, and Healing allows survivors to view their thoughts and actions through the lens of Marvel heroes and villains they love and hate. Characters such as Wolverine demonstrate how trauma can cause the strongest to forget and block out the pain of the past, while powerful characters such as the Hulk and Thing view themselves as monsters, using their anger and strength to mask their pain, fear, and sense of loneliness. While filled with fantastic radioactive mutations, arch-nemesis, and super soldiers, the realm of superheroes and villains provides survivors the ability to safely explore the theories and applications of cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and internal family systems therapy to heal their cognitive distortions and become complete individuals. Comics, while designed to be read through the lens of good vs. evil and hero vs. villain, can cause survivors to view their reality, their actions, and the actions of others in the same black-and-white terms. However, reality is more complex, containing contrasting colors and shades of grey. 

Heroes, Villains, and Healing use these comics as a foundation, providing the tools to identify cognitive distortions and change their automatic thoughts to no longer view themselves as either a hero or a villain. Instead, they learn to view themselves as individuals capable of overcoming the impact of their traumatic past to become the best version of themselves.

HEROES, VILLAINS, and HEALING  is on-sale on June 4, 2024. 


Kenneth Rogers Jr. is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and an active member of the Rape Incest National Network (RAINN) Speaker’s Bureau, which gives him the credentials needed to help and guide other male survivors of child sexual abuse through the process needed to heal.

His eight years as a secondary English educator, masters degree in education from Johns Hopkins School of Education (the number one ranked school of education in the country), and bachelors degrees in English and political science from Bowling Green State University, provide him with the needed tools to write effective and useful curriculum essential to helping male survivors understand and overcome their coping mechanisms to associate memories of childhood sexual abuse.

As a communicator and public speaker, Kenneth Rogers has competed for and won numerous national and international titles in public address speaking, limited preparation speaking, and dramatic prose reading as a member of the Forensics Speech and Debate Team of Bowling.

Green State University from 2004-2008. This has allowed him to hone the skills needed to speak and to inform other survivors, therapists, and educators about the necessity to heal from childhood sexual abuse.

As an award-winning author, Kenneth has won a total of six indie book awards. In the genre of science fiction, he was the winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award and NABE Pinnacle Achievement Book Award for his novel, Sequence. In the genre of self-help, he was a finalist in the National Indie Book Award and Independent Press Award, and winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award and NABE Pinnacle Achievement Book Award. 



Urano Publishing is the brand-new US based imprint of Urano World. After 40 years in the Spanish market as Ediciones Urano and having published some of the biggest names both in fiction and nonfiction such as Ronda Byrne, Don Miguel Ruiz, Loiuse Hay, Joe Dispenza, and Susan Cain, among many others, Urano World is opening its first imprint for English titles in the US. With offices in Miami, Urano Publishing will begin releasing its first titles in September 2023, with an ambitious publishing plan and all the talent and energy that have made us one of the biggest publishing houses in the Spanish-speaking world. 


Urano World  I June 4, 2024 I English 

Paperback I  256 pages


ISBN-13: 978195302741

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