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Happy Plugs Joy are true wireless headphones made by Happy Plugs in Sweden. The great people at Happy Plugs sent us the orange Happy Plugs Joy for review. Happy Plugs Joy; have been designed to be the newest fashion wireless headphones with high-quality sound and great; battery life. These headphones are being sold only at the price of €59.99. All the testing for this review was done using PC and Android, but they are also compatible with iOS.

The packaging for these earbuds are minimalist and small. The earbuds have a simple yet bright design. The case and the earbuds are a solid colour of your choice. There are 10 different options of colours you can pick from, which gives a great range to your preference. The earbuds have happy plugs written; on them in white, and the case has a Happy Plug etching by the opening. The Happy Plugs Joy box has information about the plugs written on both sides of it. The box; includes the following items: The Happy Plugs Joy headphones, the charging + storage case, a Happy Plugs sticker, a support card, the user manual and a warranty card.


As for the design of the Happy Plugs Joy, the selection of colours are bright and solid. The orange colour set; we were sent is one that we would not initially have picked, but we must say that the colour goes well with anything. These true wireless headphones add a really good pop of colour. The case for these earbuds are lightweight, compact and small. The material for both the earbuds and case seems to be a sort of hard plastic. Overall, both the earbuds and case are extremely simple the design. Underneath the case is; where the charging port as well as the Bluetooth connection button. These earbuds look; very much like the gen 1 AirPods but more with colour. This set weighs around 27.2g, which is very light and easy to carry around. The charging case is about the size of a car key; the case has a nice shine to it and is smooth. Some of the other specifications for these earbuds are the following: sensitivity is 126+/-3dB, frequency response is 20Hz~20KHz, impedance is 32Ω±15%, driver unit is 14.2mm, and Bluetooth version is 5. Supported Codecs: SBC and ACC, Charge case size: 45x45x22mm. Sweat-resistant IPX4, USB-C, two years warranty. Each earbud weighs 3.2g, charge case weighs 24g. Another thing to add is the connectivity of Bluetooth before it disconnects from a distance of roughly 25 feet.


In our test for the battery life, each bud lasted up to 4 hours and 3 minutes before needing a recharge. It takes around 2 hours to completely charge the case with the earbuds inside of it, which is indicated by the red LED light at the bottom of the case turning green. A rough total of 9 hours and 35 minutes of battery life; is supported in total for the earbuds, which is a bit disappointing compared to the promise of a total of 12 hours. For these Happy Plugs Joy earbuds, when each earbud is out of charge and put back into the case, you can see a red LED light go off of each bud. Bluetooth’s connection is very accessible when using a laptop, android phone and even an Apple iPad, which has great compatibility with all devices. The charger is a USB-C charger. There are also three different LED colour indications which give an estimate of; the battery percentage: red is 0-20%, yellow is 20 – 80%, and green is 80-100%.

The sound quality for these affordable earbuds are very decent. The sound quality for these earbuds may come across differently for others, but we found that the sound was generally; very good for what you are paying. We tested these earbuds on various genres of music, that included: R&B, pop, classical, rap etc. Now, of course, this is mainly based on how the sound; is heard by me and can differ from others.

The volume on these; earbuds are really good, meaning that even at a minimum volume, the sound quality has much clarity and refinement to the ambience of what you are listening to. What is interesting is that there is some sense of isolation of sound when the earbuds are in over a certain volume. The volume does not even need to be super high to where the music is blasting in your ears. The earbuds pick up the instruments extremely clearly with the complement of the bass and various beats. The earbuds at an extremely high volume do not create irritation or any noticeable static. The vocals for all the songs have great clarity with good musicality and a fun, upbeat sound. The vocals for all of; the songs are extremely clear and come out in a fun musical sound. Listening to music with the earbuds is extremely good for the price you are paying but comfortability over time is not the best.


The comfort of the earbuds are; not the best, but this can differ depending on people’s preferences and ear size. For instance, the earbuds seemed to be a bit too big for our ears, making them seem loose in the ear but seemed to have fit perfectly for someone else. For me, due to the earbud being loose, it did not make the earbuds that comfortable as the ear started to hurt over time.

These earbuds have 12 different touch commands. First off, the earbuds are highly touch-sensitive; even if your earbud drops from the ear and you pick them up to readjust them in your ear, you might end up pausing the song or turning off the bud itself which can be annoying over time.

Depending on the earbud, whether it is right or left, there are certain commands for them correspondingly. The commands include: play/pause, next track, previous track, call answer/end, reject a call, accept a call, AI assistant, volume up, and volume down. Though the touch commands make navigation for music control to be very accessible.

As well as listening to music, we also used the earbuds while gaming and found that the sound comes out well to loud bangs and noises, especially in FPS games like Fortnite or Valorant. Subtle/discreet noises like the footsteps of enemies or anything sneaky get picked up well. We also used the earbuds for casually watching movies and tv shows. Just like for the use of music, the sound is extremely clear; and there seems to be no distortion in the noise at all. Personally, the sound quality of these earbuds are surprisingly good and; extremely effective. Many people would prefer different sound tuning and may not find one better than the other, but these earbuds come with; a very good tune.


Many people know of AirPods, either they have used or seen them, but a large majority know how AirPods are because these earbuds seem very similar to the Airpods, let’s compare the two. AirPods Gen 1 sells for the price €150 to the Happy Plugs Joy sells for €60.

When comparing the mics, both mics are not as great. For the AirPods, it is harder for others to hear without there being some; noticeable static noise. The Happy Plugs Joy earbuds have somewhat of a better mic to them; they also have two distinct mics on both ears, making it easier for your voice to be picked up. The performance of the mic; for the Happy Plugs Joy earbud also depends on the application; being used can make it sound better or worse.

When comparing the sound quality between the AirPods and the Happy Plugs Joy, even with the price difference, both earbuds sound very similar; to one another. They both; perform very close to one another and do not have much; of a difference. What is preferred more from the AirPods is that there is less touch sensitivity. In addition to the sound quality, the Airpods; do create more noise cancellation than the Happy Plugs Joy does. Neither earbud creates distortion and are both audible and melody to them.

As for the comfort of these earbuds, both the builds are the same, with no silicone earpiece but rather a smooth plastic base. Neither are great for hours-on-end use without feeling discomfort, but this can vary, of course; for different people. It was better to use the earbuds one at a time rather than simultaneously to refrain both ears from hurting over an extended period.

Personally speaking, after using AirPods for roughly a year and then using these for a week, they both are very similar, except the Happy Plugs Joy has more character to them rather than just boring, old white AirPods.


There are a few things here and there that could be taken into account; for future reference. For instance, the comfort of the earbud can be an issue for people who have; smaller ears, and the bud does not fit into their ear. It may be better to have those silicone earbud pieces or to have a selection of sizes. Something just to make them more comfortable and not irritating in the ear for so long.

Another thing that could be considered; is to make the earbud a little less touch sensitive because even when adjusting the earbud the slightest. It can end up pausing the song when you did not want to. Also, for what you’re paying, you do not seem to get a charging wire; it would be nice if the earbuds also came with a charging wire. Besides that, the earbuds are very good for everyday use, especially with high-quality sound.

The earbuds are mono-mode which allows for automatic connectivity from one earbud to the other. The Happy Plugs Joy true wireless headphones have simple controls, are easy to carry, and add a pop of colour you did not think you needed. These earbuds also have sweat resistivity, which can be great for a run, walk or even a workout. Great for on-the-go. The Happy Plugs Joy earbuds are extremely easy to use and efficient, with sufficient battery life. Other than that, for only €59.99, there is not much more you can ask for when the sound quality is terrific! Make sure you; go out and buy yourself the Happy Plugs Joy true wireless earbuds, and find the colour that best suits you!

Overall: 8/10

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