GUNGNIR Launches HiROQUEST: Genesis & Double Helix

Steve Aoki & Jim Krueger Unleash the First Book in  

Graphic Novel Collaboration: 

HiROQUEST: Genesis & Double Helix series

[Los Angeles] On April 9th, 2024, GUNGNIR launches the eagerly awaited HiROQUEST: Genesis & Double Helix series, a dynamic collaboration between music icon Steve Aoki and acclaimed writer Jim Krueger. HiROQUEST: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL is not just a story; it’s an epic journey into the multiverse, transcending time and space. HiRO, the genetically augmented Meta-Human, embarks on a quest of unparalleled proportions, facing mutants, robots, zombies, aliens, witches, and more. This heroic tale explores themes of heroism, wonder, betrayal, and revelation, showcasing the undeniable impact of Steve Aoki and Jim Krueger’s collaboration.

The series follows HiRO, a genetically augmented Meta-Human, on an extraordinary journey across ten different worlds. HiRO’s mission is to secure ten rings of incredible power, each from a distinct realm inhabited by mutants, goblins, zombies, giants, and even death itself. This narrative unfolds as HiRO faces formidable challenges, exploring the multiverse and grappling with the moral complexities of sacrificing personal happiness for the greater good.

The series, written by Steve Aoki & Jim Krueger, promises a compelling hero’s journey filled with heroism, wonder, betrayal, and ultimate revelation. The collaboration adds a unique dimension to the narrative, blending the creative brilliance of a visionary music producer with the storytelling prowess of an experienced writer.


HiROQUEST is an official sponsor of Collect-A-Con.

Books can be purchased through: https://www.hiroquest.com/

MORE ABOUT STEVE AOKI: Counting nearly 3 billion music streams to his name, Steve Aoki is a true visionary in the entertainment industry. Described by Billboard as “one of the most in-demand entertainers in the world,” Aoki is a 2x-GRAMMY-nominated music producer, artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Dim Mak Records. Holder of a Guinness World Record for the “Most Traveled Musician in a Single Calendar Year,” Aoki has graced the covers of prestigious magazines like Entrepreneur, Success, Electronic Musician, and Adweek, solidifying his status as a groundbreaking artist. He is the initiator and founding creator of the entire HiROQUEST series.

MORE ABOUT JIM KRUEGER Jim Krueger, the former Creative Director at Marvel Comics and best-selling author, has played a pivotal role in shaping the comic book industry. Known for intricate storytelling and collaborations with industry giants, Krueger’s influence extends beyond traditional superhero narratives. His work at Marvel has left an indelible mark on iconic characters, showcasing his ability to infuse depth and complexity into storytelling. As a best-selling author, Krueger’s versatility shines through, transcending genres and captivating audiences with compelling narratives. His legacy underscores his significant contributions to the evolution of comic book storytelling, making him a respected and multifaceted creative force in the world of comics.

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