Grandville: Force Majeure Out in November 2017

Grandville: Force Majeure Out in November 2017

Dark Horse is thrilled to announce the grand finale of Bryan Talbot’s epic anthropomorphic steampunk detective thriller with Grandville: Force Majeure! The Eisner and Hugo nominated series began in 2009 with Grandville, followed by 2010’s Grandville Mon Amour, 2012’s Grandville Bête Noire, and 2014’s Grandville Noël.

Grandville: Force Majeure finds Detective Inspector LeBrock wanted for murder and on the run from gangland overlord Tiberius Koenig. But LeBrock is a fighter and now, battling against insurmountable odds, the British Badger needs every ounce of his strength, deductive skills and tenacity to in order to survive. Can he make it?

Bryan and Mary Talbot’s The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia was nominated for a United States National Cartoonist’s Society Reuben Award. The winners will be announced on May 27 at the NCS Reuben Awards dinner in Portland, Oregon.

 Grandville: Force Majeure

“Like Pixar meets Python, it’s funny, thrilling, and exquisitely illustrated.”—Heeb Magazine

“A delightful adventure, beautifully drawn.”—Comic Buzz

Grandville is nothing short of entertaining. The art and story telling are balanced, and Talbot’s use of anthropomorphic characters is great.”—Comics Bulletin

“Every panel is a work of art.” —Booklist

The Grandville: Force Majeure hardcover goes on sale November 1, 2017, and retails for $24.99.




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