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Granblue Fantasy: Versus Review

Developer: Cygames, Arc System Works

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), PC

Genre: Action

Publisher: Marvelous Europe Limited, XSEED Games


Granblue Fantasy: Versus is the beat ’em up version of the RPG Granblue Fantasy. The original RPG is in Japanese but there are English translations of the game for the uninitiated. It’s a hugely popular series but this game firmly focuses on the beat ’em up genre though there is an RPG mode in the game. This series has some stunning anime cartoon action going on.

Granblue Fantasy Versus - 08

First off, the game is a wonderfully bright and amazingly animated affair. This is aided by really well-animated fighting sequences, the character movements are fluid and glorious and the flow of gameplay accentuates the wonderful artwork. Voice and character acting is doing with minimal fuss and adds to the RPG element of the game. The characters, the backgrounds, the general look and feel are superb. It has a really rich and deep colour palette in its 2.5D world.  

Granblue Fantasy Versus - RPG Mode 03

RPG and regular story mode (beat ’em up story mode) are the two main formats of gameplay. RPG is quite linear but allows for you to level up your character and their gear, this isn’t my favourite mode, I much preferred the one on one classic beat ’em up affair but I’m a huge fan of that genre. I loved the simple controls that allow you to pick up and play so quickly. Simple to pick up and play, difficult to master. There is little time investment to get to a point where you can understand the game and it happens relatively quickly. I came for the action. The straightforward and responsive controls give the game a superb flow. It’s majestic in its execution. There is lots to love, the over the top world with amazing anime characters. The big bold characters that inhabit this world. A real sense of cinematic fighting too.

Granblue Fantasy Versus - 06

A solid and wonderfully styled game, the design and gameplay is lots of fun. I enjoyed the brightly animated game that is a pure feast for the eyes. The RPG element is just all right, I found the one on one beat ’em up action to be the strength of the game. The RPG isn’t my bag so it didn’t do it for me. Though you can engross yourself in that element.

Overall: 8/10


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