Gran Turismo 7 VR Review

Developer: Polyphony Digital

Platform: PlayStation VR 2

Genre: Racing simulation

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment


Gran Turismo 7 has been; updated to include some VR features, and I’ll focus on the VR element of GT7. GT7 is a fantastic game in its own standing, but VR elevates the experience, which I’m surprised to say.


As you put the VR headset on and use the DualSense controller (as I don’t have a steering wheel), you become a part of your car and are firmly in the cockpit and in control. It’s almost instantaneous; the immersive qualities transport you to be a driver sitting and waiting for the start of the race. I was shocked and surprised that I felt this enjoyment and wonderment so quickly. The first thing I did while wearing the headset was to look around, which was a strange feeling but gave me a sense of what I could see and would feel.

The headset uses haptic feedback to enhance bumps and crashes and gives; that jarring sensation of hitting something in your car that you shouldn’t have. The controllers with haptic feedback add to the feeling of being in this car whizzing around a circuit, avoiding other vehicles. The VR experience also makes you understand and care more about the gameplay. You are in the driving seat in action. It makes the simulator experience even more in-depth.


The GT7 experience is elevated by the VR features. It shows that the VR experience, when implemented well, is fantastic and offers the promise of what VR can and should be. It’s one step closer to that real-life gaming simulation experience. Amazing stuff.

Overall: 9.5/10

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