Grail Hunter Comes to Kickstarter August 8th


This August, Ancient History’s Greatest Question Will Be Answered: What Happened to the Holy Grail?

(Spoiler Alert: It Was Aliens!)

From the RPG lore-filled mind of Trevor Baxter (Galahad’s Comics) comes Grail Hunter, a thrilling new comic series that blends the sci-fi action of Guardians of the Galaxy with the heroic grandeur of Arthurian Legend. Grail Hunter #1, the debut chapter of a 6 issue story arc, kicks off a new universe where mythological creatures of lore– unicorns, dragons, centaurs, and more– are not only real, but are actually alien races who visited Earth during ancient history! Oh yeah, and they also stole the Holy Grail.

Beautifully depicted by artist Sean Manaloto (Godhark), issue #1 follows our titular intergalactic hero as he traverses this fantastic galaxy aboard his spaceship, Excalibur, in search of the Holy Grail.


Kickstarter Exclusive Variant by Florencio Duyar III

Fortunately, Grail Hunter won’t be alone in his quest. In a fashion that RPG gamers everywhere will surely appreciate, he is joined by a crew of like-minded adventurers with their own unique talents and backstories. The ship’s engineer, Basil, is a minotaur whose mechanical feats rival that of Marvel’s Tony Stark. The ace fairy pilot, Del, has magical fists that can K.O. even the toughest of opponents. Taking on the role of the stereotypical A.I. companion aboard your sci-fi spacecraft is Pebbles, a golem who practices pacifism and loves to paint, Bob Ross style.

At a dead end in his search, Sirene, a mysterious woman in a floating chair, makes Grail Hunter an offer he can’t afford to refuse… the location of The Grail. All he must do is rescue her family from the most evil and dangerous gorgon warlord in the universe. Embark on this mythical journey in Grail Hunter #1!

Grail Hunter #1 by Trevor Baxter and Sean Manaloto Comes to Kickstarter August 8th. Day 1 backers will receive a Free Comic with their pledge!

Comics fans and lovers of expansive RPG-like world building can support this wild new project through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. For more information on the Grail Hunter Kickstarter and its rewards for backers, please visit

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Kickstarter Exclusive Variant by Francesca Fantini

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