God’s Trigger Review

Developer: One More Level

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed), PC

Genre: Action, Indie

Published by: Techland Publishing


You play as the original odd couple in this ultra violent and amazingly fun game that is Gods Trigger. The original odd couple consist of a Angel an Demon that are hunting down the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. If this hasn’t sold you the game, then i hope the rest of the review will.


It’s a top down shooter with elements of stealth and or strategy, depending on your approach to life / games. You can either play co-op or single player, my buzz was single player. A single button allows for a quick shift between characters, Angel or Demon, with their own particularly killing style which can be upgraded throughout the game. A shiny narrative and a comic book feel add to this glossy and well presented game.
Level design is key to the game play, each stage allows for different approaches and the arcade feel to the gameplay are just superb. There is a real enjoyment and satisfaction as you progress through each section of each level, checkpoints are well spaced out and when you die which is a lot the checkpoints are handy. Graphics and animations are slick and a visual feast, the killing, the blood and the voice acting lends to a great experience.

This game is crazy fun, with loads of action and has that element of addictiveness that makes you want to just keep playing. Really simple and elegant controls allows for the instant gratification to draw you in but keeps you coming back. The level design and your approach style dictate the way you want to play and it’s up to you. I love the fact that a single hit from an enemy results in death, this level of toughness adds so much to the game. Superb graphics, environment and a cool comic book feel with great story telling make this a fantastic game.

Overall: 9/10


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