GODS Remastered Out Today

A Divine Platforming Classic Returns with GODS Remastered – available today for Xbox One and PC

Conquer a white knuckle arcade puzzler to ascend to the heavens


4th December, London, UK: Robot Riot is proud to announce today that classic platformer from the 90s GODS Remastered is available today for PC and Xbox.

The new version of this great, unforgiving platform has been developed by the Hamburg based developer with the help and consultancy of Mike Montgomery, one of the original developers of the game and founder of Bitmap Brothers.

GODS Remastered has been created with nostalgia in mind, preserving the unique level design of this retro classic. This includes the use of original pixel graphics and sound effects that the original Amiga version used. However, with the option of switching to enhanced level and sprite graphics (which uses sophisticated lighting effects), it has something for both newcomers and returning players.

GODS Remastered features:

  • Switch between the original and remastered on the fly.

  • Faithful preservation of original level design and gameplay.

  • Includes 4 unique levels within each of the 3 worlds.

  • Features an all new soundtrack created by the legendary Sound of Games.


Nils Hammerich, Co-founder and CEO of Robot Riot said “One of our priorities during this project was – we needed to keep the magic that made GODS a classic. So we decided to give the players an important choice. You want to play the original in all its glory? You got it. You want a shiny new experience with a kick ass soundtrack, awesome graphics whilst keeping that unique level design? It’s all yours”


GODS Remastered launches today on Xbox One and PC for £16.74 on the Microsoft Store and Steam.

About Robot Riot:

Robot Riot are a small but beautifully formed team of game industry veterans.  They are practicing an ultra-lean approach to game development and work remotely from their various offices in London, Hamburg, Berlin and Lüneburg.

Nils Hammerich, the CEO of Robot Riot has also lead his experienced team to create the modern retro classic – Gravitrix (which was purposely developed for Commodore 64) and the popular The Fishing Club 3D on mobile.


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