Go Fight Fantastic! Launch Trailer

Hand-Drawn hack n’ slash adventure Go Fight Fantastic! out now on Steam

Team up with your friends or character swap solo in this arcade action adventure about intergalactic smugglers!

Uppsala, Sweden, 26th March 2024 – Independent Swedish publisher Kinda Brave Entertainment, in collaboration with Dinomite Games, have today launched their hand-drawn 1-3 player co-op arcade hack ‘n’ slash game Go Fight Fantastic! on PC via Steam for $14.99 / €14,79 / £12.79. Additionally, you can buy the OST for $2.99 / €2,99 / £2.49, or get them bundled together with a complementary digital artbook, to be added at a later date, with a 15% off discount at launch. Prepare to save the Bird Planet from alien invaders!

Go Fight Fantastic is a 1-3 player hack n’ slash starring a crew of interstellar smugglers, led by their space-dog Captain Bowie. traverse through its 6-chapter Story Mode with friends or go it alone in solo mode where you can intuitively swap between characters to swiftly navigate challenges. Whether banding together to save the Bird Planet from an alien invasion or testing your individual prowess in Horde Mode’s endless arena, players will find themselves immersed in exhilarating gameplay, with opportunities to compete for global high scores.

Each of the game’s 4 playable characters boasts a unique skill set and playstyle, representing Tank, Healer, Striker, and Archer classes. As players delve deeper into this epic adventure, they will be mesmerized by the beautifully hand-drawn world of the Bird People, engaging in deadly encounters and epic boss battles across 6 distinct biomes.

Go Fight Fantastic! is our love letter to Saturday morning cartoons; full of bright colors, quirky characters, punchy action, and a lovable team,” said Alexander Benitez, CEO at Kinda Brave Entertainment. “With Go Fight Fantastic! we wanted to capture the wonder of a ragtag group of space travelers embarking on an expedition to a strange alien world, while also invoking that feeling you’d get from playing a classic beat-’em-up at the arcade in the 90s – only now with much crisper hand-drawn graphics that look like how we pictured these games in our imagination.”

Every playthrough promises fresh experiences. Dynamic randomization ensures diverse landscapes, enemy encounters, and upgrade options, allowing players to hone their combat skills to perfection.

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About Kinda Brave Entertainment
Kinda Brave Entertainment Group is a modern game portfolio company focused on acquiring game studios and IP, developing internal studios and a 3rd party publishing division to scout new talented developers innovating for the next zeitgeist.
We are small teams with big ideas.  That’s our lens for making and scouting new games, whether you join the group or sign a Publishing deal to try us out for size.

About Dinomite Games
Dinomite Games began as a humble two-person-and-a-dog studio and has since evolved into a prominent game development powerhouse based in Uppsala, Sweden. Our journey has been fueled by a shared vision for Go Fight Fantastic! – a game that embodies the kind of immersive experiences we ourselves crave.

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