Gigapocalypse Review

Developer: Goody Gameworks

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X (Reviewed) |S 

Genre: Action

Publisher: Headup


Gigapocalypse is a wonderful homage to the classic Rampage games of the late 80s. Other inspirations for the game are King Kong and Godzilla. It’s a side-scrolling 2D pixel art destruction game you; choose your “Giga ”, a prehistoric creature \ monster whom you control to destroy the many stages of the game. It’s a wild all-out action game.


Before you get into the action, you must choose your monster (Giga) of choice. Once you select your monster, you can customise and pick what items you want to upgrade. More options to upgrade become available as you play through the game. The rouge-like elements of the game allow you to unlock more items as you progress and die through each stage.


While the game does take inspiration from Rampage, it doesn’t have a lot of key mechanics; it has its mechanics. You march your monster and use your melee or special attacks to wreak havoc on each stage. It’s an action-packed side-scrolling shoot ’em up and mash-up game. You control your monster, and you customise your power-ups to destroy buildings and everything else in your way, little; people beware. The game has fantastic 2D pixel art that gives a glorious retro feel to the game. Music and sound effects evoke classic retro games too. It’s a wonderful, updated version for modern players. Controls are responsive, and while the game is one-dimensional, it’s super fun.


Gigapocalypse is a wonderful all-out side-scrolling retro-inspired action game. You can choose your monster of choice and customise it to use the powers you want. The game does get a bit repetitive as the levels are different in theme and style, but the gameplay is pretty much just one form of action. However, if you want an all-out action pack fun game with a nod to retro titles, this is a quality game.

Overall: 7.5/10

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