Giga Wrecker Alt. Review

Developer: Game Freak inc.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed), Switch

Genre: Action, Adventure

Published by: Rising Star Games

Giga Wrecker Alt. is a 2D platformer set in the near future where robots have taken over the world. The near future dystopian world sets the backdrop of the game. The theme of ravaging robots roaming the Earth is overriding and present throughout the whole game. Backgrounds use the robotic and a world full of dismay. Cybernetic and robots are everywhere, you feel you are in a world devoid of humans. You play as Reika, the saviour, your special abilities will help guide you through lots of levels, puzzles and lots of action too.


In spite of the bleakness of the subject matter, the game uses bright backgrounds and colours to bring a dying world to life. This bright contrast of visual plays well of the dark themes of the game and highlights the world you are in. There is repetitive use of similar backgrounds but that gives a sense of unending robot world and a sense of a loss of the world. It isn’t all grim though, a useful aid and helpful terminals will help guide you through the world. A lot to the world is destructible and you have the ability to use the world around you as weapons, as you progress you gain more abilities which you need to solve more complex levels. This is a really clever use of both character development and level design, the powers you acquire both you navigate puzzles too. A fantastic array of enemies bring the action element and a sense of danger to the game. As your character evolves, you use your powers in ingenious ways to solve riddles and puzzle. You will use abilities to overcome bigger and more sinister enemies.  

 The combination of well-designed puzzles, intriguing gameplay and character evolution are the strongest elements. I have to say I found some the puzzles quite tough that may the game even more enjoyable, the game grows as you play and each piece neatly fits into each other, there is a sense of cohesion throughout. I liked that each aspect of gameplay and puzzle solving leads to more complex puzzles. Character animation is slick and fluid, the game is very well crafted, in terms of visuals I can’t critique much. However, I found that dialogue sections required excessive pushing of buttons to skip and hindered the game in places. Also, I found some of the level design and use of backgrounds just a bit too repetitive, in parts, I found myself lost due to lots of the levels looking the same.  

There is lots to love in the game, a really well thought and fun experience. A mix of action, puzzle and platformer which is rare in many games these days. Cool and slick graphics, design and animations. I’m still happily playing this game and still exploring new features all the time. There is some room for improvement in dialogue and cut scenes and getting the right amount of game text to dialogue but these are minor quibbles.
Overall: 7/10


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