Get Even Review

Get Even Review

Developer: The Farm 51

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, Microsoft Windows,

Genre: Action

Published by: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment


Get Even 2

Get Even is particularly difficult to pin down into a genre of game like a good movie, book or story it borrows aspects from multiple genres to be Get Even. I would have to describe it as a thriller with aspects of a crime game with the usual elements of a first person shooter, but to be honest it’s a fairly thrilling and keeps you guessing at every turn. It starts with the main protagonist awaking in asylum not sure what is going on and you have to find your way through the game to find out what happened and how you are involved. Mysterious, dark and brooding describe the game and the atmosphere of the game with an underlying sense fear.

Get Even 3

As you play through the game, piece by piece a puzzle is getting solved but the first few levels of the game have a brilliant horror survivor feel to them, the dark asylum hides every enemy. The asylum is claustrophobic, eerie and dilapidated, at times you will be wondering around using the camera light on your phone to try to see what lies ahead. The smart phone plays an important in the game as it’s your maps and how you find clues. The integration of the smart phone as your main tool is really clever and gives a voyeuristic feel. I love the menace and fear in the air, noises, wailing and just random events cause the player to be confused and unsure, it builds from the start all the way through the game. At no point, are you really sure what your role in the series of events at the start of the game. You are left guessing and searching for answers, mayhem and chaos also lurk around ever corner. It fells more like a survival horror than a thriller but it’s a mixture of both and both are treated with the care they deserve.

Get Even 4

All of these dark and haunting levels are scored by a great soundtrack and great voice acting, the soundtrack builds in the right places and elevates the game to become even more scary adding the mind fuck that is Get Even. It’s a real experience to this game and I played it while having a fever so this may have the eeriness and creepiness feel heightened but it’s a fantastic experience. Like the current crop of amazing games out, the game is theme driven with relatable character and it does transport you away.

Get Even 6

Get Even is a wonderful dark, chaotic and thoroughly enjoyable game. Lots of plot twists, bizarre happenings and weird odd events will hit you from every corner.

Lots of surprises

Dark and Cineamtic

Thriller, suspense and horror

Real sense of achievement

Plot driven game

Great soundtrack by Olivier Deriviere


Overall: 8/10






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