Gestalt: Steam & Cinder Release Date Trailer

Unleash Your Inner Flame: Eagerly Anticipated Action-RPG ‘Gestalt: Steam & Cinder‘ Launches May 21st

LONDON, UK – April 11, 2024 – Embark on a gripping mission to reforge humanity’s future in Gestalt: Steam & Cinder, an eagerly anticipated, stunningly handcrafted action-RPG, launching May 21st on Steam.

Developed by Metamorphosis Games and executive produced by gaming personalities Jesse Cox and Dodger, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder invites players to unleash their inner flame as Aletheia, an elite mercenary of the Steam City of Canaan, in an all-new adventure inspired by classic Metroidvanias and action-RPGs.

A seemingly routine job catapults Aletheia into a whirlwind journey to uncover long-buried secrets lying at the heart of Canaan and fight for mankind’s survival as the Steam City teeters on the brink of war.

Take up arms as Canaan’s top Soldner, wielding long-lost tech to engage monsters and machines in deadly combat. Enter a world of rust and ruin to challenge powerful rivals, smash through hordes of Clockwork automata, and work with allies new and old to uncover powerful lore. Upgrade your abilities, take on side jobs to earn extra scrap, and delve into a history lost to time on a journey to hunt ancient enigmas threatening the very foundation of Canaan.


  • Unleash Your Inner Flame – Discover the long-buried past of Canaan and uncover secrets lost to time on a thrilling, unpredictable journey.
  • Become a Soldner – Join Aletheia on a heroic quest filled with challenging encounters. Combine close-quarters melee with lethal ranged gun combat to unleash staggering combos in epic feats of skill.
  • Unlock Powerful Skills – Discover and upgrade new abilities and skills to become an unstoppable force against enemies both new and long-forgotten, trading scrap for new accessories to customise your character build.
  • A Beautiful, Handcrafted World – Meet a vibrant cast of characters and journey through a world of stunning pixel art and spectacular handcrafted animations.

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a heartfelt ode to classic Metroidvanias and action-RPGs, featuring enthralling combo-driven combat, a beautifully handcrafted world, and a story filled with incredible twists and turns,” said Jesse Cox, Executive Producer. “After years of anticipation, I can’t wait for players to finally discover Aletheia’s adventure for themselves when Gestalt: Steam & Cinder launches on Steam next month.”

“Working with Metamorphosis Games on the production of Gestalt: Steam & Cinder has been an incredible experience,” added Dodger, Executive Producer. “From the very beginning, the team has been committed to creating an exciting action-RPG that keeps players captivated with an engaging story and stunning pixel art. I’m thrilled  for the game to be shared with the world on May 21st.”

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder can be added to your Steam Wishlist now. For the latest info, follow @GestaltGame and visit

About Metamorphosis Games
Metamorphosis Games aims to rekindle the feeling of late nights curled up with corded controllers and chunky pixels in the soft glow of a CRT. The team’s first title is Gestalt: Steam & Cinder, an epic narrative driven 2D action-adventure inspired by 16 and 32-bit classics.

About Fireshine Games
Fireshine Games is a global publisher of digital and physical videogames based in London, England. Originally established in 2014 under the name Sold Out, Fireshine Games works with studio giants such as Team 17, Rebellion and Frontier Developments as well as introducing new indie dev studios to the world like Pugstorm, Stonewheat & Sons, Spiral Circus, ColePowered Games and many more – publishing for physical and digital distribution. Fireshine is also part of the EG7 group of companies. For more information on Fireshine Games and its upcoming titles, visit the official website at

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