GEL #3 Kickstarter Launched

GEL #3 Kickstarter Launched

Brutal wasteland adventure welcomes guest artist Ally Prasad for revealing third issue.

GEL- the brutal, manga-style comic tells a brutal tale of survival and (re)connecting with the world and the people in it. After the Earth suffers a cataclysm of biblical proportions, humans are nearly extinct and are no longer at the top of the food chain.

In the spirit of Mad Max and Lord of the Rings, GEL follows the lone wolf Sera; who after years alone, makes her way towards a city called The Rose. A place where humanity might be thriving. Sera’s ready to cut down anything that get in her way, but is she ready to live amongst her own kind again? The Armless is the guardian of The Rose and a symbol of worship to the city’s people. The Rose becomes increasingly unsafe as people start to question their leader’s methods of protection from threats both inside and outside of the community. Both characters are on track to collide with each other and it could spell ruin for everyone!

The third issue will reveal clues into Sera’s state of mind and how she came to be the post-apocalypse’s number one bad-ass! This issue will be illustrated by Ally Prasad and written by creator Andrew Sebastian Kwan (who also wrote and illustrated the previous two issues). This Canadian duo is running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the illustration and printing of the comic and hoping to create less wordy, more action packed comics and continue the trend of pushing powerful female characters into the spotlight.

Gel #3

Their Kickstarter can be found at and ends Wednesday, October 18th 2017.

The first two issues are currently available digitally at


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