Gazzlers Review

Developer: Bolt Blaster Games

Platforms: PICO VR, PS VR 2 (Reviewed), Quest, Steam

Genre: Action

Publisher: Odders Lab


Gazzlers VR is a rail shooter where you are on the back of a train, killing a host of enemies that do their best to de-rail and kill you. This high-octane, full-on arcade VR shooter is a rouge-lite where you must have your wits around to progress past the earliest levels.

The VR world in PS5 VR2 is bright and cartoony, and the art style fits well with this kind of arcade shooter. You sit on the back of a train as you navigate multiple biomes, where you have ammo on one side, a gun in your other hand, and a shield to protect you from incoming bullets from many enemies. This game is a rouge-lite shooter where you will die a lot, and, as you beat enemies and collect scrap, you can buy permanent powerups and mods that will help you beat the existing run or subsequent run depending on the power-up.


In terms of graphics, soundtrack and sound effects, the game melds all these together to create these various biomes you play through, and the hectic, chaotic action blends well with the design and look of the game.

From the first time you play, there is just an assault on you from all sides; you have to deal with it, and it’s fun and challenging. You have a time-limited shield that drains as you use it but recharges when not in use, a gun that requires reloading, and obviously, a whole array of guns as you progress through the game. You can dodge, too. All the mechanics lean heavily on the VR aspects, and it’s engaging and fun. While the game mechanics and gameplay are straightforward, it is lots of fun, and I enjoyed it, but you will be killed a lot, so be prepared.


The game is a rouge-lite, and I found it challenging; a grind involves upgrading and progressing. It was a struggle initially, and I could see this turning people off the game. Gameplay issues compounded this. I found a few problems in the game, but the biggest bugbear was the reload mechanism; there were so many times I assumed I reloaded, but this was different. It’s frustrating in this very punishing game to die to mis-reload. You have unlimited ammo, but it requires looking over to the ammo and inserting it into the gun, which I thought I was doing, but during hectic parts of the game, the mechanic only sometimes worked. The VR aspects of the game were well used, and the world itself is immersive, hectic and fun.


Despite the reload mechanic and the grind at the start, this is a fun shooter that does play well in VR. However, I see for many people that it may be too tricky or seem too much of a grind to persist with. I found these types of immersive shooter games entertaining in VR. The visuals, soundtrack, and sound effects complete the game and help drive its chaotic, action-packed nature.

Overall: 7/10

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