Fury Unleashed Review

Developer: Awesome Games Studio

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One (Reviewed)

Genre: Comic Book Roguelite Action

Publisher: Awesome Games Studio


Fury Unleashed is a roguelite action platformer based in a comic book world, there are three comics that you will play through. Each chapter of the comic book contains levels that are randomly generated full of baddies and challenges to navigate. Fury Unleashed is a mix of an old skool shooter like Metal Slug and a platformer. Its default settings are set to hard difficulty. This can be changed for those who don’t enjoy a tough roguelite game. The game can be played in either solo or co-op mode, I haven’t had the chance to play it in co-op mode but would love to. The game includes a few key features that enhance the game and its playability. The game can be played as you desire, you can meticulously go through each chapter or you can be all out and attack the levels if you take the second approach you are rewarded with higher combos which in turn give you more ink (game currency) and healables. In turn, gaining ink and levelling up your character allows you to spend skill points that allow you to enhance your skills and attributes. This allows you to complement your playstyle as you see fit and as this game is tough, gaining skills and upgrading your character is required no matter which plays style you use.


The gameplay consists of battling, shooting, stomping, and meleeing through a varying number of frames in each level, you must navigate to the exit point of each level. The goal is to get through each level to face an end of the comic boss who is usually a huge nasty that occupies the majority of the screen. In the game you gain ink by killing enemies and beating challenges, the ink allows you to purchase in-game items that help you beat the game. More ink can be gained by chaining combos and killing enemies in quick succession too. You can buy new melee and guns throughout the game, each item having its pros and cons, you can choose which suit your style of play. The game action, enemies and levels flow well, the feeling of killing enemies and navigating the levels is smooth, action-packed and tons of fun. As you progress further into the game, the boss battles become more epic. The violence and gore are well suited for the game, there is huge fun and enjoyable element to the randomly generated levels as you must reply levels, it removes any sense of repetitiveness and just means every playthrough is unique.


On the hard setting alone, the game is fiendishly tough, but every level completion is a huge achievement. It mixes the right amount of platformer and shoot ’em up. From the get-go, it’s lots of fun and easy to pick up and play but hard to master which are usually the signs of the best games. It incorporates lots of elements like levelling up, character loadout and customisation with a beautiful game with lots of action. It’s a sheer joy to play.

Overall: 9/10


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