Frontball Planet – Launch Trailer

Frontball Planet is now available!

The videogame, the first one based on Frontball, a modern sport discipline of the Pelota Game, has been developed by the Bilbao-based studio Relevo and has the support of PlayStation® Talents, PlayStation® Spain, the Spanish Pelota Federation (FEPelota) and the International Federation of Basque Pelota (FIPV).

Frontball Planet is the first videogame about this sport discipline, which presents a light and accessible local multiplayer experience to play with the family. It is set in different locations around the world (Qatar, Madrid, Miami, Miami, Japan, Paris, Mexico, Bilbao and New York) and two special scenarios: an indoor training court and a space station. 

Players will be able to participate in various game modes such as story or challenges, among others, and earn points to unlock characters, scenarios, balls and other items as they defeat opponents.

 After a long relationship between FEPelota, FIPV and PlayStation® Spain participating in actions to promote this discipline in competitions such as PlayStation® Frontball Challenge in 2017, Frontball Planet is now born. The title collects the essence of Frontball breaking the traditional barriers of the courts to bring this exciting sport to the street and to a more massive audience.

Frontball Planet arrives today on PlayStation® consoles and PC (via Steam). For more information, stay tuned for updates via PlayStation®Talents social media.
 Available now on Playstation Store and Steam!

About Gammera Nest:

Gammera Nest is a video game development and publishing studio, based in Madrid, which has launched successful titles such as Nubla or Nubla 2. In partnership with Sony Interactive Entertaiment España, it has worked in collaboration with cultural entities, such as the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, the Prado Museum or the Telefónica Foundation. He is also in charge of overseeing the educational project PlayStation Talents, from which numerous initiatives created by new talents in video game development emerge.

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