Fox n Forests Review

Developer: Bonus Level Entertainment, Independent Arts Software

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed), PC, Switch

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG

Published by: EuroVideo Medien


Fox n Forests is a 2D retro action, platformer designed, to look like retro 16 bit games. Fox n Forests is similar to games like Castlevania, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Wonder Boy in Monster World and ActRaiser 2 and, Zelda Series. This game is easy and straightforward though it takes time and practice to succeed each level.

Rick (the fox who you play as) uses a magical weapon which is a crossbow, for close and ranged combat against various monsters. You also use your magical crossbow to change seasons (two seasons per level) to access different possibilities that can get you to various places throughout the level. You also have opportunities to buy potions and upgrades for your weapons and health. The game also includes puzzle solving sequences, boss fights, bonus levels, loot and much more!!

Fox n Forests is a game where you play as a fox named Rick is on a quest to defeat the evil force that’s messing around with the seasons in the woodlands. As he is creating an army of plant-like and animal-like creatures. Patty the Partridge happens to bump into Rick. Rick doesn’t care about the evil until the Guardian Tree begs him for help and promises a ton of riches, plus a magical crossbow to defeat the evil.


The controls of Fox n Forests are simple. You have the shoot, jump, season changing, arrow changing and potion changing buttons. The rest of the controls are adapted throughout the game as you level up. Though overall the games are easy, and simple to play with. The developers may need to tweak the controls. When you press a button on your controller, some of the buttons have a delay in the game.

The art style of this game is very promising. It’s able to show the different seasons very well, the seasons help the game developed a new world. The art of this game has been given great attention to detail which catches the eye of the player. As well as the graphics of the game look very clean.

Music is a great part of the game as well. It adds another feel to the game. With each season there is a different tunes playing in the background.

Overall the game is really fun to play. This game is a recommended game for people who want to take a break and play a platformer game. It’s a calm, fun, well developed game. This game may be difficult at some points but is also fun to beat. As you proceed onwards to other levels, the levels get longer and harder. Also, you come across different types of levels, an example would be where you are riding a bird and all you have to do is shoot, and avoid the blue birds. This level is very much like some levels in Rayman Origins.


Each season comprises of 3 levels and one the levels is a boss. Boss levels in Fox n Forests aren’t difficult to beat. Each season also has its own respected boss, which is beaten in a different style than the previous boss.

In order to succeed in the game you have to upgrade your fox, collect magic seeds, and get to the bonus level. If you are into any platforming games this is a game for you. Go check out Fox n Forests as it’s a really good game to play.

Overall: 7/10


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