Four Color Chaos #8

This week was a lot of fun. Next week looks to be too. Let’s dig in.



The Silencer Annual #1

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Jack Herbert

Colors: HI-FI

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Cover: Tyler Kirkham

Publisher: DC Comics


This comic and it’s hero was introduced as part of DC’s New Age of Heroes, like The Unexpected and Sideways, both of which I’ve been really enjoying so I decided to give this comic a shot. What a terrific jumping on point this comic is. We learn about Honor Guest’s past (yes, that’s her name, I’ll get into that), her powers, her enemy, and we get to see her in action. And while the annual is self contained it helped me get a good lead on everything happening in the ongoing. About the character/series; her name is silly, her costume feels like it’s from the 90’s, she’s kind of a cross between Black Widow and a ninja, but, she and her family are really well written. The Silencer perfectly captures this Marvel tone of a hero being a normal person struggling to balance the craziness of her super life with her mundane one and I adore it. 10/10




The Silencer #8 and #9

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Patch Zircher

Colors: Mike Spicer

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Cover: Viktor Bogdanovic

Publisher: DC Comics


Action, suspense, humor, cyborgs, magic, and cliffhangers this series has it all 10/10.



High Heaven #1

Writer: Tom Peyer, Shannon Wheeler, Grant Morrrison

Artist: Greg Scott, Shannon Wheeler, Chris Giarrusso, Rick Geary

Colors: Andy Troy

Letters: Rob Steen

Cover: Richard Williams

Publisher: Ahoy Comics


This is the second debut issue released by Ahoy and I really like this one too. It is very different from ‘Another Earth’ which was a superhero story. This one is a metaphysical comedy in which David goes to Heaven and learns it kind of sucks and has a nice subtle cliffhanger at the end. It comes with a short snarky super science comic called Hashtag: Danger and another super surreal prose story from Grant Morrison. I like that it’s treading new ground and the art is top notch. 10/10.



Project Superpowers Omnibus Vol. 1

Story: Alex Ross, Jim Krueger

Scrpt: Jim Krueger

Artist: Stephen Sadowski, Douglas Klauba, Carlos Paul, Alex Ross

Colors: Inlight Studio, Debora CaritaI

Letters: Simon Bowland

Cover: Alex Ross

Publisher: Dynamite


My first experience with Kreuger and Ross was Earth X and it’s subsequent sequel series Universe X, and Paradise X. In that series a world of superheroes is brought to the future where the heroes fight for their life while exploring how the past connects to the future. This books does largely the same thing, but with Golden Age heroes, and that in many ways is it’s greatest weakness. Earth X has a large cast, but most of them are pop culture icons. People know Spiderman or The Thing. How many people know Captain Future or Lady Satan? As the series goes on we do get to know these heroes and their personalities, the world is fleshed out, and there are some really great moments. So all in all a bit of a slow starter, but a terrific 10/10.


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