Four Color Chaos #5

Finally down to a reasonable number, hooray! I’m still working on Crimson, but I wouldn’t expect it by next week y’all.



Ballad of Halo Jones – Book 03

Writer: Alan Moore

Artist: Ian Gibson

Colors: Barbara Nosenzo

Letters: Steve Potter

Cover: Ian Gibson

Publisher: 2000 AD


There is only one problem with the third volume of Halo Jones and that’s that it ends here as opposed to having six more books after it like Alan Moore originally planned spanning her life from adolescence to old age.It does have a satisfactory ending, but each volume left tantalizing clues that they would then build on, so it does have some dangling threads. 10/10 perhaps I’ll enjoy the rest of the ballad in my dreams.



Shipwreck Vol 1 TP

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Phil Hester

Colors: Mark Englert

Letters: Marshall Dillion

Cover: Phil Hester

Publisher: AfterShock Comics


This is a comic far more about the journey than the destination for me, but it is a mystery for those who like mysteries. Doctor Jonathan Shipwright has been shipwrecked on a strange and brutal Earth and this is the story of what led him there. I was also surprised because as a big fan of Warren Ellis I was expecting to enjoy his writing more, but it felt a bit more pretentious than clever. The art though was the true selling point. Every element from pencils to colors illuminating this grisly macabre story in a beautiful way. It a beautiful strange trip, just make sure you stay in the car 10/10



Modern Fantasy #1 and #2

Writer: Rafer Roberts

Artist: Kisten Gudsnuk

Cover: Kisten Gudsnuk

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


I somehow missed the first issue of this read the second and went back and read the first. It’s about a group of friends of various mythical races who are working dead end jobs after college and trying to make ends meet when one of them gets in over his head and adventure calls.

This is not a bad book the art is solid, the writing is funny, but I’ve lived that lifestyle and find it neither nostalgic or endearing. So I’m having trouble with the modern part of Modern Fantasy, but I think the fantasy part might be picking up in issue three so I’ll hang on until then. I’m going to give this one a 10/10, it may not be my cup of tea, but the quality is there.



Moth & Whisper #1

Writer: Ted Anderson

Artist: Jen Hickman

Colors: Jen Hickman

Letters: Marshall Dillon

Cover: Jen Hickman

Publisher: AfterShock Comics


The Moth and the Whisper were two of the greatest thieves the world has known. They have been missing for 6 months, but now they’re back… kinda. I really, really enjoyed this book. The fairy tale like tone of the narration, the sci-fi setting, the lovely art, and the tremendous colors ( this was a great week for colors) were all top notch. It’s also a heist and crime book and a pretty exciting one at that. This was the easiest 10/10 for the week.


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