Four Color Chaos #4

Trimming down a bit more. This week I was going to try and have The Complete Crimson ready for y’all, but that suckers 600+ pages so it’s going to take me a little while yet.



Ballad of Halo Jones – Book 02

Writer: Alan Moore

Artist: Ian Gibson

Colors: Barbara Nosenzo

Letters: Steve Potter

Cover: Ian Gibson

Publisher: 2000 AD


I told you last week that Volume 1 was good, but Volumes 2 is better. We have twists and turns and a mystery set up. As well as a surprisingly impactful moment set around a character designed not to have impact. I have to give another shout out to Barbara Nosenzo the colorist, because there was one particularly action packed surprise that her colors moved from great to superb. 10/10 I hope it can keep the upward trend going.



Quantum Age: From the World of Black Hammer #1

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Wilfredo Torres

Colors: Dave Stewart

Letters: Nate Piekos

Cover: Wilfredo Torres

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


It feels a lot like the Legion of Superheroes with a dark, subversive twist. I love stuff like that, and the terrific art is the icing on the cake. I’m looking forward to the next issue 10/10



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 25th Anniversary #1

Writers: jessica Quinones, Mat Groom, Michael Busuttil,Sina Grace,Magdalene Visaggio, Trey Moore

Artists: JoeQuinones,Lucas Werneck,Sina Grace, Dajung Lee, French Carlomagno

Colors: Eleonora Bruni, Marcelo Costa

Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Cover: Steve Morris

Publisher: BOOM! Studios


The tricky part about this one is that the art and stories are great, but for a 25th anniversary there was nothing that made it feel really special. If you are already enjoying the high quality Boom! Power Ranger books pick it up because you should love it, otherwise your not missing anything big 10/10



Invader Zim Hardcover Book 2

Created by: Jhonen Vasquez

Writers: KC Green, Dennis Hopeless, Kyle Starks, Eric Trueheart

Artist: Aaron Alexovich

Inks: David Crosland

Colors: J.R Goldberg

Cover: Warren wucinich

Publisher: Oni Press


As a big fan of Invader Zim I was at first a bit surprised how spot on the comic was. As I read I could actually hear the character’s voices in my head. When I got to the credits it became clear. Most of the writers are alums from the cartoon (with the creator of course). The art is fantastic as well it really keeps up the tone of spooky, gross, and weird the cartoon did so well. Whether you watched the original or not give it a look 10/10



Rivers of London: Cry Fox Vol.5  

Writers: Andrew Cartmel & Ben Aaronovitch

Artist: Lee Sullivan

Colors: Luis Guerrero

Letters: Rob Steen

Cover: Lee Sullivan

Publisher: Titan Comics


This is a graphic novel series spun off a book series that stand well on it’s own. It’s about a team of detectives in London that work supernatural cases. It’s a lot of fun, but it has around 6 main characters and I had trouble getting a bead on their personalities. But it was kind of like catching a random police procedural on TV you don’t know these people, but you don’t really have to for the plot to flow 10/10.



Sideways #6

Writer: Dan Didio

Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colors: Dan Brown

Letters: Travis Lanham

Cover: Kenneth Rocafort

Publisher: DC Comics


I heard that Sideways was at some level supposed to be DC’s Spiderman and I definitely getting that vibe, the down on his luck adopted kid who gets powers, and the full body suit with pointy eyes. There are many differences, but he just doesn’t feel like he’s come into his own yet, but maybe once he truly taps into his power to teleport across the multiverse that might change. One final note is that there was a lot more narration than I usually like. I think this story has potential and it Definitely has me interested 8/10.




The New World #1

Writer: Ales Kot

Artist: Tradd Moore

Colors: Heather Moore

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Ales Kot

Publisher: Image Comics


The gorgeous art of this lovely 66 page issue reminds me of Frank Miller and Lynn Varney’s Ronin and I mean that as a huge compliment. That said the art is uniquely it’s own. The story is set in the future when a nuclear attack leads to the United States breaking into four pieces with New California being the backdrop. In New California law enforcement has turned into entertainment, kind of a cross between “The Running Man” (the book) and American Idol. The two protagonist are both trying to subvert this system but from very different positions. A solid and beautiful beginning 10/10.


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