First Strike: Final Hour Launched

First Strike: Final Hour Launched

Blindflug Studios, a developer known for creating games focusing on real dilemmas taking place in the world, Cloud Chasers (immigration), Airheart (overfishing), is pleased to launch First Strike: Final Hour, a fully optimised PC and Steam game from the already critically acclaimed mobile version focusing on nuclear warfare.

The PC version includes new control systems, a graphical upgrade and Steam support. The game also features an increase in strategy options with double the amount of super weapons and a brand new Diplomacy Mode, allowing players to form non-attack treaties with superpowers and stab them in the back.

“Sadly, war is very much part of our world every day, and we’re pleased to bring First Strike: Final Hour to PC to reach a different audience to that of those who play the mobile version”, said Moritz Zumbuhl, President & CEO, Blindflug Studios. “As much as the game focuses on a serious topic threatening our daily lives, First Strike is still a lot of fun to play, which through this medium we hope the message gets across to people of a very grave and real hazard.”

First Strike: Final Hour is priced at $11.99 / £8.99 / €11.99 and comes with a 30% special launch discount at

 First Strike: Final Hour 2

About Blindflug: Blindflug Studios is a five-person independent game studio from Zürich, Switzerland. The studio has a passion for mixing beautiful, immersive games with a core of real-world dilemmas and politics to create new, unexpected titles in the process. 

They established this formula with their debut title “First Strike”, creating a nuclear war-themed first strike strategy game which was a big hit among critics and on the app store. In the three years of their existence they have since followed up with a rogue-like about migration called “Cloud Chasers” and an airplane game about overfishing named “Airheart”.


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