Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Review

Developer: Dejima

Platform: PC

Genre: Action

Publisher: Thunderful Publishing


Firegirl is a 2D platformer action roguelike game where you assume the role of a young firefighter. The firefighter has a pickaxe and a water hose to douse the immense fires. While putting out the fire, you will save the stranded people and cats too! As the game is a roguelike, the levels are procedurally generated using various environments as the backdrop to your heroic actions.


The game is 2D, but the mixture of the pixelated art style and the side-scrolling adventure gives a 3D feel to the game. Characters are bright and vibrant; the characters bob up and down too all the time. Your spawn point is the fire station. The fire station is where you purchase power-ups that are persisted throughout runs and allow you to tackle the bigger blazes. The roguelike elements come from the fact that you gain money and fans after each fire which help you upgrade your firefighter and their tools. At first, your water hose is weak, and you have little health, but after a few hours, this will increase. You gain cash for finishing missions and saving people; you will gain fans in the process who will also donate to aid you too. Cash can be used for power-ups; fans help you get donations.


I love the roguelike genre in general, and I love the novel approach that Firegirl takes. You hack through doors, jump over obstacles, and use your hose to put out fires and float around huge levels. I liked that you must be aware of enemies in platforms; that may be above or below you. It’s a fast action-paced game that feels like an arcade game too. The sound, environment, voice-over, and story are all great. The game is polished. 


I loved the pixelated art style of the game and was unsure how the roguelike elements of the game would work. However, after a few runs, it was clear that their roguelike elements made sense and made it more playable. It also increases the longevity of the game. The game does have a backstory, but I’m more about getting stuck in the game. It’s an addictive hack and splash adventure. It melds a mix of platformer elements with lots of actions that reminds me of arcade games. It’s tonnes of fun, plays fantastic and looks; awesome.

Overall: 8/10

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