FIFA 23 Review

Developer: EA Vancouver

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X (Reviewed)|S 

Genre: Sports

Publisher: EA Sports


The football (soccer) season is in full swing in Europe, and this means the next version of FIFA. FIFA 23 will be on the mind of footie fans throughout the world. FIFA is the quintessential football game these days; there isn’t any competition at the moment. However, being the go-to football game isn’t the blessing it once was, and in this iteration, it’s hard to see where, improvements can be made until a rebuild takes place. As a football fan, I do; look forward to seeing what FIFA brings, but there has been a small iterative update each year as opposed to a revolution. As with any football game, people want the latest team updates for their favourite teams. This is also the last outing of the current FIFA franchise from EA, as the branding rights no longer belong to EA.

The game changer for me is the Hypermotion2 technology which gives an additional sense of realism to an already super realistic game. The player animations and visual fidelity are superb. Players seem to run more fluidly, and the interaction and jostling are even more realistic. A lot of these minor tweaks have enhanced the game. The player AI is solid, and the various levels of the challenge will give everyone something. Every level of player is catered for.


There is a sleeker ball control mechanic and player animations, there does seem to be better team AI, and the game does have a solid flow. Players and their likenesses are captured with amazing detail. In general, game mechanics are improved, but there are no massive overhauls; the game does play better and is more responsive.

I mean, the presentation on FIFA has never been an issue, but it’s been improved even more. FIFA 23 has cross-play enabled, too, so you can play with friends on the same generation of consoles, i.e. Playstation 4 can play Xbox One players and so on.


Women’s club teams have been added as well, increasing the playable teams significantly.

The usuals can be expected: the UI is polished, and the presentation is superb, every; element from icons to players has the FIFA polish. A banging soundtrack has been included.

In reality, it’s difficult to feel all these elements straight off in your first few games. Online games and matchmaking are superb; the net code means finding games is easy, and there are very few issues when games are being played. I spend the majority of my time playing Seasons or Volta online, so; I would notice this.

FIFA is all about licences, and they are all there for your favourite and despised teams alike. The licences are another standout feature that means people come back to FIFA.


FIFA is stacked with game modes such as Career Mode, Pro Clubs, Volta, Online Modes and FUT, just to mention a few of the most popular ones. I can’t do them all justice in the one review, but the game is packed to the seams.

The last incarnation of FIFA, FIFA 23, is graphically stunning and brings the up-to-date rosters to everyone. The Hypermotion2 technology has brought on visual fidelity in leaps and bounds, the game; just is smoother. The game is more of a simulation football game than in previous versions.


The addition of xG and enhanced replays is super slick and makes reliving your goals even more amazing. Cross-play is a huge bonus. Also, the introduction of women’s club teams too. The game plays more like a simulation with tons of modes, including an online, career mode and ultimate team too, which will keep you more than occupied.

It’s a solid send-off to the biggest football game of our generation.

Overall: 8/10



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