Fantavision 202X Review

Developer: Cosmo Machia Inc.

Platform: PlayStation VR 2

Genre: Puzzle

Publisher: Cosmo Machia Inc.


Fantavision 202X is a stage-based puzzle game. Think puzzle bobble but with fireworks. You chain events of the same colour items to emit a big firework blast that illuminates the sky. The more you chain, the more fireworks you see; you lose if you miss too many chains.

It has an authentic retro 80s/90s feel with the game’s voiceovers, sounds, and general look and feel. You will see old-school CRT monitors broadcasting messages. The gameplay also refers to the retro 80s/90s arcade puzzle game where you link multiple items to stay alive. The game is simple to pick and easy to get to grips with. It’s challenging to master, like any puzzle game. VR adds very little to the experience.


It could be a better experience, the game looks dated, and the sounds and general look and feel could be more straightforward. It’s just an awkward experience and pretty bland.

It’s OK, but the VR doesn’t add much to the game. It’s dull. There are other VR games to pick up before this. I wouldn’t be rushing to buy this.

Overall: 5/10

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