Fall of Porcupine Review

Developer: Critical Rabbit

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Assemble Entertainment


Fall of Porcupine is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game. You play as a pigeon named Finley who moves to the new town off Porcupine and goes on to pursue his career as a doctor. A game very similar to Fall of Porcupine would be Night in the Woods. Fall of Porcupine is developed by Critical Rabbit and published by Assemble Entertainment. This review; is done for the PC, but the game is available for the PlayStation, Switch and Xbox.

Fall of Porcupine is a single-player game where you play as a pigeon named Finley who is going through; training to become a doctor. Finley recently moved to a new; town, where he transferred to St. Ursula’s Hospital. On his first day, he encounters a mishap and then continues through town to meet new people, become a successful doctor and learn more about Porcupine. There is discretion given at the beginning of the game where some topics of suicide, murder, and very heavy topics are mentioned throughout the game so players are made aware.


The controls for Fall of Porcupine are very simple. You pretty much use the keyboard and mouse. For the most part, you use the keyboard and controls; are always highlighted when you can interact with objects or people. The mouse is mainly used; when interacting on the phone or doing tasks when examining patients. You also go through a cutscene type of tutorial that helps you quickly get used to the controls of the game in the beginning. Overall the; controls are very easy to follow.

The art style for Fall of Porcupine is so elegant, bright and colourful. The characters all are animals that are brought; to life with their unique characteristics. The art style is nearly similar to how the art style of Nights in the Woods is. A cartoonish comic look that has such creative characters. The animation for this game is also so simple yet adorable. I love how there is this specific transition where when Finley changes from one corridor to; another, his clothes swap out. Everything about the game is so simple, and because of how the game looks: it’s extremely relaxing. Another subtle animation; that I love about this game is how expressions for certain text are shown through the droopiness of the characters’ eyes. For instance, when Finley says something nearly; sarcastic, his eyes become droopy or squinted to indicate a tone in the dialogue. These little details add much more life to the game. The game has such beauty to it as both; the artwork and the soundtrack go hand in hand.The music consists of subtle ukulele beats to piano playing. The music that plays in the background as you roam in town is so calming and creates such a lovely little town atmosphere. The sound effects also add more life to the game as you can hear Finley walking across the streets or hear the little elevator ping. I also like that the text sound isn’t irritating to listen to. As the game has much dialogue, in it a lot of text bubbles are shown with the same typewriter sound. I like that the sound is subtle and doesn’t distract much from reading and understanding the story. I would say that the game has created an amazing relaxing atmosphere with both its looks and sounds.


I found this game to be; a really fun game to sit back and relax to. Being able to control this pigeon who is embarking on becoming a doctor in a healthcare setting is such an interesting; story to go off of for a game. What I really liked about how the healthcare aspect of the game came into play. As you would go and examine patients for your daily tasks, you learn about; the different conditions they have. For example, getting; to know about asthma and other conditions. I love how there is a lot to interact with within the game, even statues that are; out in the open. There seems to be a little story behind everything. My favourite part about the game would definitely have to be the daily tasks you have at the hospital. They range from listening to a heartbeat, giving medicine dosage or doing an eye test. Each task is unique from one another, and they all play differently. It is also really interesting how you get evaluated each time you do the tasks, which highlights; which ones you’re not so good at. The story of the game is also written; beautifully. The game lasts up to 7-8 hours, especially if you take the time to interact with everything in your way. Another addition to this game that I really enjoyed was the phone that Finley carries. Every time Finley interacts with a new memorable character in the town, he writes little notes about them on his notepad on the phone. I find this to be; a great way to remember what the characters are significant for, especially if you leave the game and come back to it another time. The game tells a great story, and going on this adventure where you learn about the people in this new town you’ve moved into is so much fun. Personally, I really enjoyed the healthcare setting of this game as it’s something different to most other story-led games.


If; you want to play a game where you play as a doctor pigeon who recently moved to a new town and is starting his life afresh. A game with a wonderful; story, well-rounded puzzles/tasks, amazing atmosphere with the music and visuals, then Fall of Porcupine is the game you need to go check out! It’s a lot of; fun to take a break too and embark on an investing story.

Overall: 8.5/10

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