Fairphone Announces The Fairbuds

The last pair of earbuds you’ll ever need to buy: Meet Fairphone’s premium Fairbuds 

Premium sound. Designed to last. That is Fairphone’s promise with its new true wireless earbuds, the Fairbuds. They come with advanced noise cancellation, replaceable batteries, long-term spare part availability and an extended three year warranty. They are also Android and iOS compatible.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 9 April 2024 – Fairphone, the trailblazing Dutch ethical electronics manufacturer, launches its next-generation true wireless earbuds, the Fairbuds. Premium sound, user-friendly and designed to last, the Fairbuds are a unique product in a market where most earbuds often feel disposable. In true Fairphone fashion, a total of seven spare parts can be easily exchanged. If you lose one earbud, you can easily order a replacement. The Fairbuds also allow you to replace the batteries in both the earbuds and the modular charging case. Replaceable batteries are key to long-lasting earbuds, as decreasing battery life is one of the major reasons that people discard working earbuds.

Fairphone offers an industry-leading extended three-year warranty for the Fairbuds, allowing you to extend their lifespan and lower their environmental footprint overall. The main source of earbuds’ carbon emissions is associated with their manufacturing process, and by keeping the Fairbuds for longer, you can make a more sustainable choice that drives positive change.

The Fairbuds come with premium sound that’s skillfully tuned with high quality titanium-coated 11mm drivers. You will get to experience state-of-the-art active noise-canceling (ANC) with wind noise reduction, and crystal clear calls, indoors or outdoors, thanks to  environmental noise-canceling (ENC). The Fairbuds comes with six onboard microphones, and feature multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, allowing two devices to connect simultaneously. With up to 26 hours of playback (with the charging case), and an IP54 rating for sweat and weather resistance, it’s built for life on the go. You can make the sound completely your own as well, by using the eight-band equalizer on the dedicated Fairbuds mobile app, available for both Android and Apple devices, ensuring the earbuds are accessible to everyone.


As a B-Corp certified social enterprise, Fairphone continues to pioneer people and planet-friendly practices in the electronics industry with its focus on ‘fair specs’, and its living wage and fair labor programs for factory workers. Uniquely, Fairphone has been giving Fairbuds assembly line workers a bonus for each pair of Fairbuds to bridge the gap between the local minimum wage and a true living wage. Fairphone works closely with the supplier to further improve worker satisfaction and reduce their environmental impact. The company has integrated Fairtrade gold into the Fairbuds supply chain, and matches all the silver and cobalt used with Fairmined silver credits and cobalt credits – ensuring that conditions at the mines of these materials are improved.

The Fairbuds (both the earbuds and charging case) are made with 70% recycled and fair materials, an industry-leading metric. Plastics used in the Fairbuds and charging case are recycled. Fairphone also uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in their production, reducing their greenhouse gas footprint.  For the remaining greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per Fairbuds sold, the company contributes to carbon reduction projects, certified according to the high requirements of Gold Standard. The amount with which Fairphone finances  these projects is based on the carbon emissions created throughout the Fairbuds’  lifecycle. All of this, coupled with the fact that the Fairbuds are modular and built to last longer than the average earbuds, makes them climate conscious. The Fairbuds are also electronic waste neutral, meaning that for every pair of Fairbuds produced, an equivalent weight of electronic waste is recycled responsibly.


Reinier Hendriks, CEO at Fairphone states: “With the launch of the Fairbuds, we are leading the industry by example yet again. We are combining premium quality and longevity, bringing sustainability to the audio segment. The Fairbuds we are launching today are built to last and are made with 70% fair and recycled materials. We provide a unique extended three year warranty as well, to help extend the use of the earbuds for as long as possible. With our new Fairbuds, we want to continue to expand Fairphone’s customer base. Based on the Fairbuds XL app downloads, we see that 70% of Fairbuds XL customers were new to Fairphone!”

The Fairbuds will be available for order on 9 April from Fairphone’s website and selected partners in Europe, at a suggested retail price of €149*.

Fairphone is a pioneering leader in the ethical smartphone industry, committed to creating sustainable products as transparently as possible, challenging the status quo of the electronics industry. By prioritizing fairness, environmental responsibility, and social impact, Fairphone aims to inspire positive change across the technology sector and beyond. Our latest audio device, the Fairbuds, come  with the tagline ‘Premium sound, designed to last’, featuring high quality titanium-coated 11mm drivers and replaceable spare parts for easy DIY repairs.. The earbuds offer an extended warranty of 3 years and are built with fair and recycled materials, challenging the electronics industry to take a more responsible approach. They are climate conscious, meaning we aim to maximize the device’s longevity with its modular design, we reduce our carbon footprint by integrating recycled materials in our production, and we actively contribute to carbon reduction projects on par with our carbon footprint stemming from unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. The Fairbuds are also electronic waste neutral; for every set of Fairbuds we produce, we responsibly collect and recycle an equivalent weight of electronic waste. 

  • Rich sound with skillfully tuned, titanium-coated 11mm drivers
  • Modular design for easy repair
  • Extended warranty (two year standard warranty plus one year)
  • Consist of 70% fair & recycled materials inside

The earbuds were launched in 2024 at a suggested retail price of €149. The two variants of the device are available in Europe from a wide distribution network of (online) retailers and network operators and Fairphone’s website. To learn more about the Fairbuds click here


Fairbuds specifications

Replaceable rechargeable battery

45 mAh (earbuds)

500 mAh (case)

Battery duration

Battery Life Earbuds: up to 5 h (ANC on) / up to 6 h (ANC off)

Total playtime incl case Up to 26h

Charging time 2h (case + earbuds), 10min for 1.5h playback

ANC and ambient sound mode


Special features

ENC and wind noise reduction

Bluetooth line of sight 


Bluetooth & codes

Bluetooth 5.3 SBC & AAC

Charging time

2h (case + earbuds), 10min for 1.5h playback

IP Rating


Modular design                                  

7 spare parts for easy repair, available in Fairphone’s webshop and through Europe-wide distribution. These parts are earbuds, earbud battery & silicone ring, earbud eartips, charging  case outer shell, charging case core, charging case battery.

Size earbud


Size case



78gr total, ~5gr per earbud

Multipoint connection 


Smart assistant

Google Assistant and Apple Siri




Diameter: 11mm

Coating: Titanium

Extended Warranty 

3 years instead of the standard 2 years

Fair materials 

Fair mined: Fairtrade gold, Fairmined credits for gold and silver, and credits for cobalt

Recycled materials: plastic and rare earth elements

Good working conditions

Living wage bonuses for the people who assemble the Fairbuds. 

Improving working conditions and reducing environmental impact in the supply chain.

Electronic Waste Neutral 

For every pair of Fairbuds sold, Fairphone collects the same amount of electronic waste in weight for reuse or recycling.

Climate Conscious 

Fairphone does all it can to firstly avoid and secondly reduce its carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle (production, use, shipping and waste management).

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