Extremity #9 Review

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colors: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus wooton

Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson

Publisher: Image Comics/Skybound


The two clans fight over primitive technology, that may sway the tide of war. Or be their path to peace…

The story picks up right where the last issue left off. Paznina insurgents, led by their princess, have snuck into the Essene stronghold to steal the android, Shiloh. They don’t get far before Essene and Roto warriors descend upon them atop winged beasts they released from beneath the Earth’s surface. After a small skirmish, the Paznina princess and her right-hand are taken back to the stronghold to stand trial for the theft, and the murder of Mother Diedre, leader of the Essene.


It’s here that we see the extent of the Essene’s pacifism, taking the hate and etching it in their own bodies instead of turning it back on the enemies that wronged them. This has been the overarching theme of this book, some fanning the flames of war, while others fight their baser instinct, trying to find common ground with their enemies. This has been a prevalent theme since the first issue. Even our main protagonists, the Roto clan, have wildly different beliefs.


It’s incredible that Johnson has kept the quality of this title so high. The amount of world-building he’s done in just nine issues is just staggering. Handling both writing and art duties, both have been unwaveringly consistent, and have elevated this book above so many others. His “wispy” inks work great for the fantasy elements, as well as the bits of technology that have been unearthed during the narrative.

A single man’s vision, Extremity gets better and richer with each issue. While it’s a bleak world, compassion fights to get a foothold. The story mashes genres together, offering the fantastic while remaining firmly planted in the human condition.

Overall: 10/10


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