Extremity #7 Review

Extremity #7 Review

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colors: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson

Publisher: Image Comics/Skybound


A larger world is revealed, as the war between Roto and Paznina makes landfall.

This issue is a turning point for the book. So far, we’ve been following the war, as it rages across the floating Plains, but this chapter picks up with Thea and Rolla crashing down into the Ancient Dark. Both sides are regrouping after suffering major casualties in the last battle. This is where we start to see some of the main characters ideals begin to change, while the Paznina sink deeper into their hatred and resolve.

Extremity #7 1

The siblings don’t have much time to get their bearings before they’re attacked by technologically-enhanced beasts. After being saved by a land dweller, Thea awakens in a subterranean stronghold, filled with Roto and Paznina refugees, alike. As Thea is coming to terms with that uneasy accord, her father, Jerome, is dealing with the loss of his children and his men, due to his unchecked thirst for vengeance.

Extremity #7 2

The art has been a delight throughout this whole series. It manages to blend sci-fi with fantasy elements seamlessly. Johnson’s art style appears to employ both manga and western comic book influences, giving it a timeless feel and visceral momentum. Props have to go to Mike Spicer’s color work as well, which keeps the detailed art perfectly legible throughout.

Extremity #7 3

Extremity is a rich world, filled believable characters and motives. Things slow down a bit as the characters regain their footing, and we begin to see the new direction the book is taking. Some grey areas emerge from a story that has been black and white, thus far, giving us even more reasons to stick with the series.

Overall: 8/10






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