Experience the Demo for Indika Now

Experience the Mind-Bending and Soul Searching Demo For INDIKA, Available Now

Warsaw, Poland – February 5th, 2024 — A monastery may not be the first place that pops into your head when you think of the word adventure, but INDIKA’s mind-bending, faith-testing gameplay is seeking to change that. Available now as part of Steam Next Fest, you can get your first taste of the bizarre journey of self-discovery that every young nun living in an alternate version of the late 19th century goes through. While such a journey can be isolating, you’ll thankfully be joined by a very special companion who knows their way around the religious block: the devil himself!

Brought to life by the talented folks at Odd Meter and 11 bit studios, the INDIKA demo will be available throughout Steam Next Fest which runs from February 5th through the 12th. The demo gives a glimpse into the layered and trippy world of INDIKA that will be fully revealed when the game launches later in 2024. Check out the new trailer below. 

In INDIKA players take on the role of a young nun named—also named Indika—as she undertakes a thought-provoking odyssey that explores the very nature of good versus evil. INDIKA is a third-person adventure game that effectively combines exploration and environmental puzzles, with a hint of platforming. Through its themes of sin, sorrow, and ethical quandaries, INDIKA transcends conventional gaming boundaries, resembling an avant-garde film that aims to question societal conventions rather than merely providing entertainment.

In addition, the setting of 19th-century Russia alongside themes of absolute sorrow, sin, and moral dilemmas plays an integral part in the game’s narrative. The subjects of religion and authority are prevalent throughout Indika’s journey as she faces many tough obstacles that make her question reality and her place in it. 

INDIKA is headed for a launch in 2024 for PC and consoles.
As deeds are valued over words, part of the revenue from INDIKA will be donated to help children affected by the war in Ukraine.

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